A Muslim View of the War on Terror and Terrorism
S ome would say that to be a muslim one has to be devout, one has to be pure, one has to be adherent to all that is written in The Holy Quran. The truth is, how many of us can claim to be fully adherent, how many of us can truly claim the moral high ground?

The best Muslims were the first Muslims; the prophet’s, and the people [men and women] around them. If you're to look at it pragmatically even amongst the prophets followers, there were some that were found wanting.

The best of all was the Prophet Muhammad PBUH. The rest of us aspire to emulate him. Above and beyond him is the almighty Allah SWT who will ultimately be judge, jury and executioner, the rest of us shouldn't dare presume that we have the right to be anything near the almighty in our judgement of anyone let alone take it upon ourselves to murder and or maim in the name of Allah SWT.

There is a significant distinction between the holy warriors of old and the so called jihadists, islamists or Mujahid’s of today. None can or dare claim to hold the moral high ground in terms of faith, the people of the book include Christian and Jew; none can justify murder or subterfuge as being justifiable to murder when at war. NO one can enjoy the fruits of citizenship of a nation, be fed, be clothed, be sheltered and then turn on their fellow citizen in a brutal murderous atrocity.

To take a life is to be amongst the worst of us

To take a life without trial is inexcusible

To take a life of an innocent is even worse

To sell drugs to finance a war effort is not justifiable

To prevent girls from being educated is not islamic

To kill children at school has no association except with lunacy

To twist scripture in order to justify your actions is a terrible crime against the almighty

Only a learned imam whom has studied the Quran and the Hadith for many years and is qualified amongst his peers can pronounce judgements and issue Fatawah’s.

Fatawah’s that issue pronouncements of the sort that justify the murder of innocent non-combatants is not Islamic and therefore not justifiable.

To use faith as a justification to get killed in the course of holy war is not strictly correct as martyrdom.

A true martyr is one that fought to protect life and the right to practice your faith free from persecution harm or fear.

Knee jerk reactions to ignorance and blasphemous references by non muslims is not a sensible approach to dealing with a hurtful reference to the Prophet Muhammad PBUH.

Freedom of speech is

Freedom of expression is

Freedom of satire is

Sacrosanct in a FREE and FAIR society!

To be muslim in a society that protects your right to be muslim, free to practice your faith requires you to respect the laws of that land AND to abide by them even if there are sections of that society that may have a conflicting view with Islam

With freedom comes respect

With respect comes consideration

With consideration comes responsibility

With responsibility comes pragmatism

With pragmatism comes intelligent debate

With intelligent debate comes the ability to ridicule

With ridicule comes the ability to satirise

With satire comes the ability to express without hurt

With hurt comes anger

With anger comes the loss of intelligence

With the loss of intelligence comes the ignorant

With the ignorant comes the irrational

With the irrational comes the danger

With the danger comes the murder

Therein lay the cause and effect of tit for tat.

The angry, the stupid, and the attention seeking lunatics!

This short video 3-4 mins is in response to the terrorist attacks carried out by 'muslims'...

For those who don't understand the Qur'an or Sunnah, this whill explain to you how muslims should really react when islam is abused/parodied/satirically viewed.



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