We're Live on Apple News!
W e are proud to announce that we can now be found on Apple News!  

What this means is that our channel is now available on every Apple device on the planet that runs on iOS 9 or above.

This has opened our content to a whole new platform with more opportunities to attract new readers and followers and introducing the SMEs Startups and Entrepreneurs that  we promote on WhereIts@London.


Please share with your friends, family, colleagues, clients, customers, partners. 

A journey is ongoing and we are still tinkering away at the back end to have a foundation that can sustain and support our exponential growth forecasts. If you would like to get involved, if you would like to be featured or indeed re-featured we would be delighted to work with you and to discuss how best we can work together in getting our message out there.

There are a few little tweaks we are undergoing and we keep you informed of them in due course which will set us up for 2017 in the manner that we have been working towards on our journey.

So keep in touch, come and see us, talk to us work with us, we have lot’s more in store.  With such exciting things ahead there are opportunities to supply, to network, to grow, as we grow.  There is only one direction we are intending to head, thats onwards and upwards.

In times of perceived uncertainty, its the ones that remain calm, keep their heads, and ally themselves to the right organisations with the right aims and objectives that ultimately succeed.  

The seas ahead are potentially rough and its for the small business to work with an organisation that provides practical routes to market not just from selling you a product or service but work with you to get your message out there.  We have been working tirelessly to get our infrastructure right and ready.  

The journey never ends but our offering improves, our value to you will increase, your trust in us is our objective, our aim is to create opportunities across our business because thats our business.


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