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H ow I changed my life by Kal Atwal

Looking around London and you find countless groups of interests based on hobbies, lifestyle and profession. We heard of the Asian Dinner Club through a colleague and wanted to learn more. We found a group of Asian professionals from all three faiths finding time to come together to drink, dine, socialise and network in some of London's finest venues. It's a great opportunity for likeminded individuals to enjoy the company of fellow Asians in pleasant and comfortable surroundings.

Being of Asian extraction Raj explains,

'There is some pressure from family to find meet and then marry someone from the same cultural background, although things are changing we do seem to have a need to want to find someone to do just that. We may have assimilated into society but we mostly want to have some of the cultural trappings of our parents. They did raise and educate us and we are mostly successful professionals. They must have done something correct.

He goes on to add,

We live in a very diverse and vibrant society, London is changing so fast and it's adapting to so many new influences, it's easy to get lost in the frantic lifestyle and you begin to miss some of the things of our childhood, especially if like me, you don't live at home any more, I found myself hankering for comfort foods and just a sense of familiarity, yet also being able to embrace modern life and ways of London.

Kal, the owner of Asian Dinner Club, explained that she came to the Asian dinner Club as a client. She loved the concept so much that when the opportunity arose to buy the business she jumped at it. Here is her fascinating story in her own words.

How I changed my life by Kal Atwal

I've had some amazing successes in my career so far. I’ve loved most of my roles, especially in the early days. My life in the corporate jungle has afforded me many luxuries and a fabulous lifestyle. But it's also provided me with some of the worst experiences in my life. The faster and further up the ladder I got, the more I was exposed to politics, the more I hated it. I've seen discrimination, bullying, people crying at work. I found myself surrounded by people who seemed to hate their jobs at the same time as being scared of losing them! I decided I needed to take control and started looking around for something that excites me.

I read a book called ‘Screw Work Let’s Play’ by John Williams, which is about how to do what you love and get paid for it. I’ve always wanted to run my own business but never had a compelling business idea. Then, I found my thing – a way to channel my abundance of energy, resourcefulness and ability to get things done. .

I decided to become a ‘dragon’. I partner with people who have ideas they are passionate about. I work with them to make their ideas happen. Once I made the discovery of what I wanted to do, new ventures kept finding me!

One of the ventures that is close to my heart is the Asian Dinner Club.

It’s a club for single Asian professionals who are looking to connect with others with similar backgrounds. The club gives members a chance to socialise over outstanding food in some of London's finest restaurants and attend networking drinks in stylish bars. A lot of the members don’t have a big Asian network and want to open up their options of meeting a potential partner who would also be a good fit into their lives – both in terms of lifestyle and culture. The club has been running for over 5 years and I don’t know of any other club like it. From my own experience I saw it definitely fills a gap in the market so decided to take over when the opportunity presented itself. The club is growing fast and with well over 1,000 members and counting one particular challenge also seems to be growing. That is where to find that elusive thing – the eligible bachelor! Only, I’m looking for a few hundred! While the number of gorgeous, talented and successful ladies I have is climbing week on week, I am being left with an ever increasing shortfall of eligible bachelors – so if you know anyone, or indeed could be interested in finding out more, please don’t hesitate in getting in touch. I’m on a mission to have the shortest club membership for my members by doing what I can to connect them with others and help them lose their single status.

In addition to the Asian Dinner Club I currently have a portfolio of ventures all in different fields, all at different stages of development. I’m putting myself in a position where I don’t have to go back to the corporate world. I’ve moved away from trading my time for money towards various enterprises producing multiple income streams. I’m designing my own life of complete freedom and I’m loving it! My goal is to be completely financially free and to continue to be able to have choices. I get to choose what I do, who I work with and when I work.

If you have any comments / questions, you can contact Kal through the Asian Dinner Club.




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