Autumn Statement, the Productivity Gap, Brexit, and the New Horizon: Where is it?
T his week the new chancellor will set out his road map for moving forward. After six years of living with The Cameron Osborne doctrine what can we expect?

Are we a nation or are we a business?  Where are the keys that unlock the door to prosperity? Have we lost our identity as a nation after 40 years of European integration? What do we have to look forward to? Are we dead in the water? Who is going to bail us out? Are we on our own? 

We are a nation of businesses,  the keys to prosperity are in our hands, we are more than a nation of shopkeepers, our national identity is defined by our ability to accept others, we are very much afloat and motoring with a rudder and direction, we are bailing ourselves out of a rudderless ship that's taking on water because of its intransigence, we are on our own and we needn't seek the approval or sanction of 27 other nations to do as we see fit; when we do as we see fit many others prosper.

The game has changed; the nation is gripped with anticipation and some with fear; the exhilaration is in being on the brink of fight or flight. The new new horizon us beyond the horizon, it always has been, we just became a tad myopic wearing the rose tinted glasses of the EU which conspires to delude and confuse  its people with bureaucrats and red tape holed up in institutions that are mired in an analogue construct. It's a behemoth that's not fit for purpose.

Large lumbering creatures tend to be fodder for the small and agile. There is strength in numbers but being in a herd on the plains makes you subject to the whim of the herd, a herd mentality doesn't inspire creativity and innovation.

The business of business is to do business, the business of bureaucracy is to bind business by those who think they do business but all too often wind up squandering opportunities for us all.  Not everyone can be a big business, the reality is that the vast majority of us will exist in a small ecosystem that's local and dynamic which is where the real engine of the nation dwells. 

Remember Dunkirk? When little ships en masse  achieved the unthinkable.  That is the crux of it.  Big businesses do big things at the head, but small businesses are the the heart of a nation the legislature and executive are its limbs and the people are the lifeblood. 

When all work in sync we have a healthy mind body and soul; that should be our objective for a prosperous future as a nation. If the autumn statement does one thing it should be this; the first step on a journey of a thousand miles.


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