BAFTA 2015
T he beauty of cinema & BAFTA 2015If we were to ignore the events of last evening on principle it wouldn't be cricket, the cinematic world, art, culture and all that enriches the lifestyles of us here, is in London and more broadly the world. We would be remiss if we didn't doth our cap to the contribution of cinema for us mere mortals.

To all the nominees and winners we congratulate you for your success standing out and being noticed, to be celebrated for contributing to the enrichment of our world.

To paraphrase the latest fellow of BAFTA Mike Leigh we are truly lucky to live in the time of the moving image. Independent cinema brings tears of joy, of sadness, of love and hate in varying degrees of amounts and we are grateful for that which it gives.

To the protagonists in front and behind the cameras, who work tirelessly to bring us the beauty of sincerity in your crafts, we thank you.

For the technological advances and creative geniuses that allow us to create masterpieces that leave us in shock and awe in equal measure we thank you.

To the funders, the businesses that support the craft to deliver great cinema and the not so great we thank you.

To the nation that has led and continues to lead not at the point if a gun but by creativity and pragmatism by example and respect of human rights and laws that enable us to question, to speak out no matter what our race, creed, colour or religion we thank you.

Long may it continue...


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