Banh Mi Bay - A Delightful Vietnamese Diner & Take Away in Holborn/Bloomsbury
B anh Mi Bay - A Delightful Vietnamese Diner & Take Away in Holborn/Bloomsbury which offers food that will delight your tastebuds without hurting your pocket came to know of Banh Mi Bay through our network of colleague’s friends and associates. It’s an archetype of the kind of businesses we strive to profile. Small, yet perfectly formed, does not have a multinational conglomerate behind it, and yet provides a wonderful product to the local area.

It does have an air and grace, its charming yet not pretentious, its authentic Vietnamese but it sits in a French colonial atmosphere in London. Subtle referencing to a colonial past, in a post colonial world, producing authentic tastes and flavours of the orient, in a modern 21st century global city.

You look at the small business in a city and you get to feel what a city is really like. If you picture a street peppered with global brands in modern glass fronted, homogenised standardised and you could mistake yourself for being anywhere in the world dependant upon the climate.

What stands out is what is different not the globally renowned coffee shops, the fast food” mac-king-ways” the aspirational developing cities take pride in the global brands which do have a place, but the more discerning among you will appreciate something with a little je ne se qua.

Banh Mi Bay is just that!

It may not have escaped your attention that we have not commented on the food, that's because you can expect it to be tasty. There have been comments about plum sauce not being what it should be, the fact is it's not plum sauce (enough said on that point).

We also inspected the kitchens and we are happy to report that they're spotless. It's an independent business that holds it's own. We are not here to advise you on your trip, we are not here to tell you the food is fantastic, and hope you agree, we know it is, you can decide for yourselves.

Londoners are a discerning clientele, there is so much choice of restaurants. Not all are good. The front might look great, the service might be wonderful but the kitchens might be dire. We are very happy to say that in this case you have all three, great food, great service, great kitchen, and to cap it off, great value.

Dine in & Take Away

4-6 Theobold’s Road



T: 02078314079

Take Out Only

21 Rathbone Street



T: 02036094830



We highly recommend you try it!


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