Beyond The Bean: Coffee Shop Supplier with a Difference
T his cafe/coffee shop supplier offers free from and fair trade coffee for you to enjoy knowing that its vegetarian without artificial additives

When did you start up?


What gave you the inspiration to start up?

There was such a buzz around coffee shops and café culture which was gaining so much steam but the choice within the market to stick to your ethics or to supply products which were ethically traded was still a pipe dream, so the owner (Jem Rogers) decided to right this by not only supplying products previously unavailable in this country but to try and incorporate the ideals he had into the brand to make the products we know today.

What are your product(s) USP?

All of our products are as clean as possible, meaning they are free from artificial everything and submitted to rigorous testing and research to make sure wherever possible they are Fairtrade or Vegetarian certified. We’re constantly trying to provide the simplest products possible so that coffee shops can get on with providing fun and exciting drinks all year round.

Where are they available?

In over 40 countries and in many of the large coffee shop chains on the high street as well as a multitude of independents.

What are your hopes for the company?

I hope it continues to grow and more people become aware but also actively involved in asking for a sustainable and healthy brand when buying everything and not just coffee. I’d like to see people in all walks of life engaging not specifically in independent coffee culture but in any company who has made a concerted effort to provide a product which is new and innovative.

Can you give readers a special offer?

Not currently as there is no direct route to market but we are working on some things to reward consistent customers.

If there is any other information you would like to share please do so.

I would like to encourage any person interested in Beyond the Bean and our brands to contact me via email or follow us on twitter.



T: @beyondthebean


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