Bob Crow: A Man for His People
A tribute to Bob Crow

In light of the sad news of Mr Crows untimely passing felt it only fitting to pay tribute to the second most powerful man in London after the Mayor.

It's a fact that he fulfilled the role for which he was employed, which was to represent his union members and obtain the best pay and conditions he possibly could.

We feel obliged to thank him posthumously for his unflinching dedication to his union and the rights of the working person. A lone voice is seldom heard but a United voice with one objective is more likely to be heeded.

The rate of change, advancement in technology, processes and political topography is so rapid and unlike anything encountered before, management have little time to focus on workers needs at times. It's an essential part of British life that we have checks and balances in all areas of our lives. Not all change is good. People in power do not always get it right. Bob Crow worked for what he believed.

Some may have viewed him as a thorn in their side, some may have lauded him, we applaud him.

Our sincere condolences to his family, friends and colleagues.


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