Brexit, & the Global Conundrums in 2017: Delusion or Reality???
M oving into the second week of the new year the news hasn't let up on whether there is a plan or not in the wake of “Ivan the Diplomat” throwing petrol on the embers to reignite the debate with his resignation.

The issues of Brexit and the world are labyrinthine in their complexity, interdependency,  interoperability and interchangeability. The latter part of 2016 was a mishmash of issues that we were presented with and there has been much debate about them. Those issues are present going forward in 2017.

Here is our take on the issues that present themselves in 2017;

Mental health and wellbeing has been an issue, along with adult social care deficiencies, the NHS on the verge of meltdown, due to budget overspends or funding deficiencies, (depending on your view). 

Brexit; what is the plan? Which way to go? Are we on the right path or not?

Eurozone meltdown: financial meltdown again? What is going to happen?

The forthcoming elections in France, Germany, and Netherlands; Who will win? What will be their direction? 

ISIS in Iraq and Syria, Libyan instability, the resulting migrant crisis; What are the next steps?

Trump and Putin: It would appear that we are at the behest of one leader that doubts his own security and intelligence services and by default ours and another leader that condones drug abuse on an unprecedented scale and cyber hacking to run interference in the election campaign of the other.

Now, if we were not able to identify the issues, we would not know whether we were coming or going; the fact is we do. Hard Brexit or Soft Brexit?  Is there a plan or is the plan to be formulated? The fear-mongers (possibly the unimaginative) among us have this overriding argument that prevents them from looking laterally. We are doomed without a single protectionist market that has been stagnant on the whole for decades.

Mental health and wellbeing breaks down over time, If we try to make sense of things in order to keep in check because the stress and angst living within a chaos can be tough so it's important to understand the bigger picture to keep tabs on whether we’re heading on the right direction or not. 

 It would be insane to think that the stress of life doesn't take its toll...Salvador Dali said  

“The only difference between myself and a madman is a madman thinks he is sane. I know I'm mad" 

There is no such thing as normal or average. What he was getting at in his mad genius is that being aware of ones foibles is better than being oblivious to them. The real delusion is thinking that everything is fine when it's really not.  Madness is thinking that all is well; realistic thinkers are aware of what is wrong and take steps to deal with them. Whilst dealing with them they're aware that they're in a point of crisis but keep their heads when it's all in a state of flux yet succeed thus coming out the other side, stronger, wiser, happier and healthier for it. Is a  bad decision is better than no decision at all?

When we refer to no decision we mean it to relate to the above; David Cameron knew that the EU in its current guise was not working for us; he called for the referendum; Brexit won because the status quo is not working.  

Disruption and increased competition improves lives and business practices. Necessity is the mother of innovation; and stagnation is death. Dissatisfaction is the instrument of innovation because it provokes thought that spurs innovation through necessity. If we are all comfortable and living well we wouldn’t find need for change.

The overriding argument for change is that there is mass dissatisfaction across the globe; if we solve the dissatisfaction we would not have the problems we have today.  The lack of a long term plan that involves greater democracy and access to opportunities will be the undoing of us all.  Democracy only works if it’s working for the majority. Clearly it hasn’t been working in the EU and elsewhere; change is what is needed and it needs to be heeded.

Burying ones head in the sand or deluding oneself that all is well is a sure fire way to lead to revolution; We know hat happened to to Louis XVI and the Tsars.  Some were having their cake and eating it, but for how long? The joke is not on us, the joke is when those that think they’re in control, wining, dining and living the life when the populous is enduring austerity, 40%+ youth unemployment and unsustainable migration.

Neville Chamberlain, said peace in our time with a piece of paper that wasn’t worth the paper it was written on; because he favoured the status quo and appeasement over the harsh reality of a brutal dictator that led the world to the brink of calamity.  

The lessons are there and Britain has been front and centre in shaping the world. Let’s not doubt that we aren’t able to continue that fine tradition.


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