Brexit Woes: 50 Shades of Brexit?
F or all the talk of what might be and the clamour from the politically dispossessed who lost the referendum on 23 June 2016, we now find ourselves with Black Brexit, White Brexit, Grey Brexit. How many more are to come? Some parliamentarians want a referendum on the referendum, some want a debate on article 50, some are willing albeit privately to forego the will of the people that voted and stifle any attempt of a Brexit at all.

Meanwhile, Italy has 135% of GDP  national debt ratio, no growth since it joined the Euro, Austria almost having a far right President ; France on the verge of a nationalist president, Angela Merkel with beads of sweat and a shiver running down her spine owing to the forthcoming elections in Germany.

Will Brexit occur before the next parliament?

If article 50 is triggered in March 2017 then March 2019 is when…what will happen between now and then is there will be a change of governments across the EU,  we will be in the hands of EU negotiators then any deal would need to be ratified 27 times over.

The UKs 335,000 net migration figures of 2016 will grow, we will continue to have many camps either trying to hinder, subvert or derail along the way, handing the EU a trump card, meanwhile will President Trump start to turn the screws on NATO member states to start paying their way? How are an already indebted EU going to up their spend to 2% of GDP when faced with a prospect of a 15% reduction once Britain leaves?

The facts are that the EU is mired in economic stagnation, mass unemployment and debt.  The financial crisis of 2008 is not over and doesn't look to be over for the foreseeable.  

A successful delivery a Brexit strategy will not be helped by the clamour for a running commentary and demands for a clear strategy for all to review and comment before the negotiating rooms have been selected and staffed. Any person or organisation that continues to demand any such reporting is deluding themselves.  Strategies are only successful if those that conceive, execute and deliver a pathway can only be certain of success if they keep their opponents guessing, by wrong footing and misdirection.

Does business require stability? Not really, more profit is to be made in uncertain times, when the markets fluctuate there is someone somewhere who is cashing in. The difference is that it’s the majority who suffer.  Stock prices fall because the holders sell out of fear or speculation. Neither are conducive to sustainability, what they are is propping up a system that is geared to eek out profits from the trade and its fluctuations. Any sensible investor will hold onto good stock and ride out fluctuations and dump the dud stock. The dud stock will fall off a cliff and cease to exist, except in 2008 when the world stepped in to prop up dud stock; the price of which we pay today. Would it not have been better to let them fail and rebuild from the ashes? Has it not prolonged the agony?

Another fact that is irrefutable is that the EU requires wholesale reform; it’s their collective denial of this that has brought us to Brexit.  The economic woes are not going to be cured given its current state of affairs any time soon.  Meanwhile the rest of the world is growing albeit tentatively in some areas and rapidly in others.  To continue to do nothing is to continue with the status quo; the status quo is not working for a vast majority of EU citizenry.  Isn't this why there is mass migration in search of work and opportunities? Because they are not finding opportunities in their hometowns?

Britains economy has not grown because of its ingenuity, its because its fuelled by immigration; our productivity is amongst the lowest in the EU.  It’s not because we are lazy, its because we are struggling with a deficit and a stagnant market on the continent. The issues of the EU can only be resolved by the EU but they have no coherent strategic plan other than to continue with the plan that they have; which is? To continue with the status quo…In the past 8 years has it worked? Is Greece better off? Is Italy on the verge of a banking collapse? Is the far right on the rise? Is there 40% youth unemployment in Spain and Italy?  

If a business is being run badly it soon hits the wall and folds; if a country is being run badly the same applies; any sensible business person can see that what is happening in the EU is not going to be solved without action; the only action they’re prepared to take is to continue with the inaction.  The people need jobs, the people need safety and comfort, the EU was a trade block that tried to become a Political block without the correct checks and balances that a functioning entity requires to survive.  The primary function of the EU is the disfunction within its institutions masquerading as a functioning entity for the majority of its populous. It works well for the principle beneficiaries (the bureaucrats) and as far as they’re concerned the masses can whistle dixie.


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