Brexit: One Month Down the Line
T he concerns and fears of the remain camp are the same as they were pre-referendum outcome.  It could conceivably be considered PTSD or a collective denial of the new reality.  But, what in our understanding, are the realities of the proposition which lay before us in the coming years.

The facts as we see them:

The last 40 years have seen the growth in living standards and overall wellbeing across the developed world increase.

The developed world has also seen the distribution of wealth in the hands of an elite.

The developing world has increased its market share of global trade.

The developing world is going to continue to grow whereas the developed world without change will continue to stagnate or decline.

The new markets are where the new opportunities for trade, growth, prosperity and balancing of what is an unbalanced unsustainable proposition.

4/10 of the worlds top universities reside in the UK.

The English language is the lingua franca of international business.

The internet has reduced the barriers to entry for many in the global market.

The digital economy is set to increase wealth trade and education of a greater proportion of the global population than at any other time in our history.

Globalisation does not necessarily have to be in the hands of global corporations entirely.

There is room for the small player to grow and thrive.

Trade deals that take years to negotiate are an outdated construct based on complicated mechanisms designed primarily around protectionism.

Agreeing a trade deal with a block of 28 is far more complicated when each member state has their national interest at stake.

A declining currency that hamstrings its citizens into perpetual servitude for generations to come is not democratic.

A currency that relies on debt finance to maintain its stranglehold on its members is destined to fail regularly.

Small businesses employ a greater proportion of the population than large business 

The commonwealth is the only post imperial community of note that could facilitate change of a greater proportion of the world without mass migration growth.

Increased Opportunities

Increased Trade

Increased Education 

Improving Lives

Improving Health 

Improving Wellbeing 

Empirical evidence suggests that a small, nimble, dynamic, adaptable entity will out manoeuvre a larger competitor on less resources. BA vs Ryanair;Tech Start Ups vs Traditional Bricks and Mortar business.

Adaptability, proactive mindsets and actions make for increased profitability more efficiently 

Singularly active, retroactive, institutionalised mindsets makes for increased hinderance rather than help.

English law is the foundation of many a nations judiciary across the globe because it is a system that has proven to work. “If it isn't broke, don't fix it” is an adage that has relevance but English law continually improves and adapts to the times as it underpins the legal framework.

The European Union and its institutions is an analogue construct in a digital world.

These facts as we see them would remain the same whether we remain in the EU or Brexit.

There are some that think that Britain is too big for its britches and needs to be brought down a peg or two. To them we say this; there is no denying the facts that the benefits to humanity that Britain have brought to the world are undeniable.  We have made mistakes along the way but our good work outweighs the bad. This is not bragging, this is not placing us above any other nation, it is merely another statement of fact.  Imagining a world without Britain’s contribution as our article picture which demonstrates our rationale succinctly, without prejudice is a world less prosperous and healthy than it is today.

What Brexit means is that One Nation, One Parliament, One Judiciary, One Government, One Prime Minister, One Monarch, One Society, One multi-cultural multi-faith Community that is One Great Britain will once again be able to do what it has done for centuries before today; which is to improve the lives, conditions, safety, comfort and rights of more than just its own nation but across the globe.  Brexit will allow us to continue that great work because our history proves that we have done so before and there is no reason to assume anything other than a prosperous Britain will be a prosperous world, where equality, diversity, human rights will trump those that wish to see us come to harm or fail in our endeavour.


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