Is British Sovereignty Worth Ceding for Perceived Economic Gain & Greater Political Union?
N o matter what the political decision, whatever happens moving forward from June 23, 2016 there is little doubt that its going to have a global impact on business and lifestyle of billions of people across the globe.  For such a small nation there is no doubt that our footprint looms large on the world.  Its a responsible nation that will weigh up the pros and cons with this immutable fact in mind.

The global impact although is a factor that should be a consideration but what is at stake is what is best for the UK and how we are able to best position ourselves in the future for the benefit of our nation and that of our allies, so its only natural that we are able to question our position and ask the questions that will lead us to answers that will enable us to decide given the facts;

The debate heats up, the arguments get more and more personal, our government is divided, party politics is suspended on this topic,

The issues as they appear are centred around two key elements; economic prosperity and sovereignty.

Is being less well off worth the ability to trade independently of a EU bureaucratic political and legal entity that some think is eroding our independence?

“ according to the Economist Intelligence Unit (in 2015 the economy is estimated to have expanded by 2.4%). This moderate outlook reflects the fact growth is still lacklustre in the euro area, Japan and emerging market economies as a whole”

“, itself the slowest pace in the past five years. Forecasts have again been revised down in light of disappointing recent data”.

“The Eurozone economy picked up pace last year as The conditions that led to last year’s recovery remain largely in place and the economy is expected to record another healthy expansion in 2016.”

We have unfettered access to a market of up to 500 million consumers

We have a veto in the European parliament 

We have the ability to influence changes from within

We have visa free travel across the EU

We have work opportunities across the EU

We have business opportunities across the EU

To Leave

We can have an ASEAN model to operate.

We will have control over our borders

We can restrict low skilled economic migrants from the EU

We can allow higher skilled immigration from the commonwealth nations

We can trade with our commonwealth family independently 

We can trade with Brazil, Russia, India, China on our own terms

Our safety and security is the preserve of the intelligence services. Our membership of NATO will not be affected. We are part of the Five Eyes or FVEY which is an intelligence agreement with the USA, Canada, New Zealand and Australia.

“The former NSA contractor Edward Snowden described the Five Eyes as a "supra-national intelligence organisation that doesn't answer to the known laws of its own countries”

“Experts in the intelligence community believe that no amount of global concern or outrage will affect the Five Eyes relationship, which to this day remains one of the most comprehensive known espionage alliances in history.” 

If the above is anything to go by we think not.  We have our safety and security well placed and long may it continue.  It is agreed that a war in Europe is not something that we would like to see again. The EU has done more to promote peace, cooperation, economic prosperity, safety, security and civil rights since its creation.  


There may be a period of economic instability as we negotiate an exit with the EU. There may be some knock on effects to trade, but the fastest growing economies and opportunities for trade are in the wider world as a whole.

Not really, it has no bearing on the debate today. The EU has helped maintain peace. As well as our influence and post war security protocols.

Our historical and cultural ties are truly global given our history. We can no more extricate ourselves with our connection to the world including the commonwealth and USA than we can with our European family.

It should not!

It’s not a decision anyone should make lightly.  There will be more arguments for and against to come. Our instinct is to stay for all the good that has been achieved in the EU.  At the same time some of the bureaucratic waste is less than desirable. Can we affect change inside, or will we remain in the minority owing to the fact that we are a minority in the EU just due to numbers.

Do we feel comfortable entrusting our sovereignty to a parliament other than our own? Have we done it already? Is it too late? Or is this the end of one chapter and the beginning of a new uncharted one?


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