Change Management in Business & Lifestyle: How Should We Deal With Brexit?
I t's an awkward time to say the least, or is it? The status quo is austerity JAMs more fears and woes exposed about our beloved NHS with inadequate mental health and social care. That coupled with baby boomers, its said, being by and large wealthier than the younger generation is enough to get the blood boiling. If you add the housing crisis, it's not a crisis. Crisis is a word overused by politicians to beat the opposition with or the government of the day and media use it to grab the headlines and attempt to hold our ever decreasing attention spans. It's so overused that its desired effect has dissipated of not disappeared completely. There's the financial crisis, migrant crisis, NHS crisis, mental health and social care crisis, all this then, theres the Middle East crisis, (whichever one is chosen the be led on) be it Syria, Iraq, Iran, Palestinian, crisis, should we just crawl up into a little ball and hide? 

Thanks to Brexit what more can go wrong? Depending on whether your pro leave or remain the writing is on the wall.

Change is needed, without change it's more of the Euro on the brink of meltdown, much of Southern Europe mired in high youth unemployment and in the halls of Strasbourg/Brussels they'd do nowt but to continue as is. Elections are looming across Europe and the voices of discontent are growing ever louder above the din of denial.

If, EU technocrats had a plan it's a plan to fail, because that's the harsh reality of the EU its currency and the disparity between Northern Europe and Southern Europe similarly between Western Europe and Eastern Europe, or are we going to continue to deny what clearly is the elephant in the room?

The winner in all this is Germany, with the highest export surplus than any Euro zone nation. Nationalism isn't our objective, nor is it to sew discourse, the EU ideal is high ideal and is commendable but it's riddled with disparity and not fit for purpose. Political ambitions have led to failure of economic strategies, leading to the lifestyle and economic wellbeing of the majority of its citizens being dealt the bum deal. It's reminiscent of a casino where we are the gamblers and the investors in the house but the house is supposed to win, but it would seem this house is losing even when the system is rigged.

Constant questioning of what is the plan for Brexit is as pathetic as saying the EU is perfect and doesn't require fundamental structural change. If anyone can say that the Euro isn't in trouble they should go and ask the Greeks. The Italians aren't far from the abyss either. 

The politics of fear, sensationalism in media reportage & commentary serve nothing but highlight the lack of vision and purpose to grow out of the economic woes to provide security safety and prosperity for the citizens of the EU. Human rights and the rule of law is fundamental, and will continue, and yet it was nice of Mr Junker to say that we would not have the EU if it wasn't for Sir Winston Churchill (or words to that effect). Sometimes its necessary to go it alone in the face of opposition and the odds looking so bleak to some but the reality of doing nothing is worse still.

So what is the plan? Instead of asking the same inane question should we not offer up strategic plans instead?


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