City Contractors Network: Bringing Reliable Dependable Service to Construction
W e met the proprietors of City Contractors Network at an event and we were pleasantly surprised to meet them which is why we are happy to feature their business. We hope they will grow from strength to strength and we look forward to following them on their journey.

What do you do?

We are a construction company that deal with property maintenance. We deliver highly skilled and qualified engineers that specialise in plumbing, boiler and gas repairs, electrical, flooring and decorating work within the building and property sector.

When did you start?

October 2012

Why did you start?

We started because we wanted to make a difference in the property maintenance sector. The Director of City Contractors Network has an engineering background, so it’s definitely something he wanted to do and own a company in his profession.

What has your journey been like?

The journey has been very tough and challenging, but this is with companies that are starting up and because we are fairly new it is a little hard being recognised as people haven’t heard of us, but we are making the company well-known as we have been registered under some constructors schemes to create more awareness of our company. Overall, from job to job we see growth and development and when our clients are happy and satisfied with the job we have done, it is rewarding.

What challenges have you encountered?

Some of the challenges we have encountered are payments from the clients, as they often seem to be late with payments, which isn’t good for the business. Another challenge is the difficulty of getting B2B businesses, as there is a lot of red tape.

How did you overcome the challenges?

In reference to payment we have increased the amount of deposit to see whether this could help. We have not overcome the other challenge but we are still working on it, as we want our business to grow.

Where are you now?

As a business we are still struggling, but we see growth and progression and development.

Where do you hope to be?

As a business, we hope to be winning more B2B business and also having fixed-term contracts.

Do you have a testimonial from a happy client/s? If so, please provide…

“Having previously bought and renovated two properties in the UK in the past 10 years, I have had the experience of using various sets of builders and tradesmen recommended by various friends and estate agencies. Recently, on purchasing another property in east London however, which needed work, I realised that there was no person or company I’d used in the past who had impressed me enough to make me want to use them again. I decided to start afresh by posting the details of my job on the Federation of Master Builders’ website ( At least by using contractors who are vetted by the scheme, you weed out (one hopes) the cowboys. Four different contractors responded and visited my property and three quotes followed by email.

City Contractors Network was by far the most competitive in terms of price and although at the time I felt like I was taking a chance in using them, I was soon surprised and delighted by the company’s work ethic and quality of work and materials.I was on a very tight schedule, due to the late exchange and completion of my purchase, and, living abroad, it was crucial that my project be completed in the allotted time. My project consisted of full re-decoration of a 65sqm, two-bedroom, ground floor flat, including sanding, filling, painting, removing and laying of a new laminate floor, fitting of a new shower and new vinyl flooring to the kitchen and bathroom, and a new fence in the garden. It was a classic buy-to-let light refurbishment, but work was done to a high standard and with a minimum of fuss. At no point in the 10-day project did I have to chase builders or be told that something “can’t be done”, or be given excuses for anything.At no point did the contractors try to change my mind about any of the work I’d proposed, (something I’ve experienced in the past) – instead they simply did what was asked of them in the time given at the price agreed. When small extra things needed doing, they were done without fuss or huge amounts of extra expense.

Where I expected to find my garden littered with old flooring and other materials, whenever I visited the site I found that the refuse had already been disposed of. The workmen were personable and helpful and worked without needing supervision or huge amounts of encouragement, which I have found in the past.”

"As a single woman I particularly appreciated not being patronised or taken advantage of, and I would not hesitate to recommend this company." By Rosemary

"City Contractors recently installed a new bathroom radiator and two bathroom fans in addition to some electrical work. The service from start to finish was professional and thorough, staff very friendly and informative, giving full explanations of work being carried out. All correspondence including our quote was clear and concise their prices are very reasonably. The work was carried out with minimal mess or disruption, the electrician they sent went above and beyond his duties assisting with other minor work around the house with no additional charge. I would definitely recommend City Contractors to friends and family". By Cherena

"I just wanted to say a big thank you and sing the praises of the City Contractors Network team who have carried out a number of projects for me in recent years on residential and commercial properties throughout London and the South East. They have been very helpful and a breath of fresh air in the process! I have found their approach both professional and innovative, always ready to help with new ideas and a hands-on philosophy. They stand out, as they are highly customer focused and provide continuous updates; ensuring dialogue exists at all times. As a female it is sometimes difficult to be vocal in a testosterone filled environment, but the crew were very helpful and approachable. During every project the City Contractors Network have managed, they have endeavoured from day one to get the job finished, and have been very good in keeping to budgets and deadlines. The quality of the workmanship is of a high standard and it is clear to see they only use the very best tradesmen. I have no hesitation in recommending CCN and will continue to use their wide-ranging services. Special thank you must go to Michael and Irvin who have been exceptional and very reliable. Thank you again". By Krystle

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