Clinton-aclism or Trump-ageddon?
A s many in the USA refer to it, the race to the bottom enters its final hours, we pause to reflect on what has been a truly astonishing presidential campaign, the likes of which we hope shall never be repeated.

Some would argue the flaw of democracy is what is evident in the candidates and the people that vote for either party for each have their merits and their flaws. As our closest ally, our cousins across the pond leave us blushing but simultaneously gushing. 

Freedom of choice throws up a lemon on occasion, some would say that once is enough but twice is not unlucky it's contributed to a perfect storm of ignorance and apathy from the electorate caused by a catastrophic failure in capitalism since 07/08. Who knows and who cares; what the outcome of either winning; is it a choice of the lesser of the two?

It's not something we should mourn; we should celebrate, the people of the United States will get to vote again. Unlike elsewhere in the world where they do not have the luxury of that choice. They're stuck with a regime or so called "democratic republic" where the son succeeds the father, suspiciously like a royal dynasty without the Royal part; other than it too being a royal mess.

Maybe we should permanently replace democracy with meritocracy? Surely the most qualified should lead and not the most important or connected? 

This week will see the UK stand in silence on the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month in remembrance of the fallen particularly for the soldiers of the Great War which exacted a terrible toll across the world. 

If Blackadder goes forth has any truth to it  some leaders were not there on merit which exacerbated the problem. History is littered with such failings. There is one notable exception. For all it's faults, for all its foibles and questionable circumstances, the USA has been an engine of creativity, innovation, prosperity, upward mobility, and freedom. It's been a hard fought for right. Europe would not be free were it not for their support in our darkest times. 

The world owes a debt of gratitude to Uncle Sam. True they have not got it right all the time; but who among us have? Again it might seem that we are a mouthpiece, but we highlight our flaws too so that we may continue to learn and to grow. The journey continues to the destination that never ends.  Look at who we are; from whence we came; to where we can be, from caves to the moon and back in a blink of the eye in the life of this rock.

We are all passing through, some of our leaders our exalted and revered. They receive state funerals and statues that stand for centuries, in hallowed halls, corridors & squares. Some wreak havoc death and destruction and wind up in a hole as charred remains, beaten to death on the side of a road, summarily stood up against a wall and shot or hung in a square by their own people. 

The mistake a megalomaniac makes is he thinks he will live forever, as soon as his back is turned, his closest will yield the knife or axe, just ask Cesar about Brutus Or Thatcher about Heseltine.

To live long in the memories of humanity can be either good or bad.  To be reviled and ridiculed is the worse option but to the  deranged; it's doubtful they care. Peaceful transition of power from one leader to the next is the success of any civilised society and we have only just begun that journey in many places and long may it continue. Where has it been happening for some time and why has that society prospered as opposed to not?

The evidence is clear, freedom and prosperity go hand in glove along with law and order; continually cutting corners eventually leads to having no corners left to cut. Lessons can be learned in politics, business, and life, from the vast repository of history.


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