Curious Kat's Adventure Club
C urious Kat's Adventure Club, a community of likeminded curious adventurers interested in meeting new people and seek new experiences

Curious Kat’s Adventure Club is not just a travel company, it is a community of interesting and curious people who would like to explore London, England, and well, let’s think big - the world in general. If you would like to live your life to the fullest, have fun, make new friends and meet like-minded people this is the place for you.

The principle behind the group is staying young at heart. Children are always happy as they keep exploring the world, taking on new challenges, trying new things. They have an innate curiosity that makes them grow and develop. Sadly in adulthood we tend to lose this amazing quality and tend to get into a routine and our lives become sad and loose the meaning. But it's not too late, with us you can stick your nose out of your comfort zone and step by step start enjoying all life has to offer.

What sort of events/trips can you expect to find here?

We will be kayaking on Thames, staying in the ice hotel and visiting Dracula's castle in Romania, dressing up at the Carnival in Venice, throwing tomatoes at La Tomatina, the biggest food fight in the world that takes place in Spain, hiking and caving in Cheddar Gorge over the valentines weekend, climbing volcano, visiting pyramids, hiking and snorkelling in Tenerife, Ice skating in Canary Wharfs, enjoying Burlesque evening in Aldwych, camel trekking in the desert in Morocco, skiing at Olympic slopes in France and that's just to name a few of our adventures. Most of the events are suitable for beginners, but please read the description for the details. We also regularly host a variety of dinners around London if your sense of adventure starts with world cuisine.




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