Thinking of Starting Up or Expanding? Ealing Answers
F ollowing on from our article 'Thinking of Starting Up or Expanding?' of the boroughs inclined to answer we have published their anwswers in full for you to access their services

1. What is your organisation doing to promote small business and enterprise in your borough?

Ealing Council is committed to supporting a strong local economy and helping local businesses to prosper. A number of initiatives are being delivered to help promote small business and enterprise in the borough, including:

  • The formation of Business Improvement Districts in Ealing Broadway and West Ealing, to help improve trading environments, support business promotions and offer incentives and discounts e.g. recycling and business insurance.
  • The production of the Ealing Business Directory, a high quality, useful business promotion tool also available as an online resource.
  • Facilitating the set-up of Street Markets and Pop-Up Shops offering opportunities for new business and enterprise start-ups and training (where funding is available).
  • Management of Southall Business Centre and set up of West Ealing Business Hub, offering office and meeting spaces for businesses
  • The set-up of Traders Groups, supporting with events and group promotions

2. Where can entrepreneurs access frontline services to business advice, guidance and support immediately?

Businesses can obtain support and information from Ealing Chamber of Commerce, West London Alliance, Action Acton and the Business Link online-resource.

3. Have you got a policy for encouraging start ups? If so, please elaborate?

Unfortunately the Council does not have a statutory duty to provide start-up support- however through our Economic Regeneration initiatives, Apprenticeships and transport programmes and projects we seek to regenerate and improve our borough through improved infrastructure, public realm, shop front improvements, supporting the development of Business improvement Districts (BIDs) and working formally and informally with local Traders Associations in Hanwell, Acton and Greenford to create an environment where businesses are encouraged to start-up and grow.

4, Are there any empty retail spaces that could be accessed to provide discounted market testing for start-ups?

Request for the use of private retail spaces will need to be accessed directly via contact with landlords/ property owner to enter into negotiations and agreement – the Council has no influence or control over such negotiations.

If the premises is Council owned then contact will have to be made directly to the agent GVA who are the management agent on behalf of Council owned properties- the internal contact for GVA is Mrs Paula Virdee e-mail :

However currently in West Ealing - A partnership comprising of key representatives from the council, business, community and voluntary groups are steering a programme of works to enhance the vitality and vibrancy of West Ealing's high street. By pooling together funds secured from the Communities and Local Government's High Street Innovation and Riot Recovery Fund the council hopes to make a greater and lasting impact. A programme of initiatives to tackle the plight of empty premises, bring greater footfall and provide a united voice for local businesses in West Ealing is being rolled out. Local businesses voted overwhelmingly today to establish a Business Improvement District (BID) in West Ealing, The Feasibility study and campaign to establish the Bid has been driven by Ealing Broadway Bid Company and the West Ealing Traders Association (WETA) Businesses large and small will have the opportunity to collectively work together to influence how the Bid levy should be spent for the benefit of their Town Centre.

Street activities, night markets, art installations and Pop-Up Shops are among the calendar of events being delivered to raise the profile of West Ealing and attract people into the town Centre. The Pop Up Shop established through the project has to date enabled start-ups and aspiring entrepreneurs to showcase their products and services bringing a new offer to the High Street. So far the Shop has show- cased talents selling fashion, art, jewellery and a juice bar.

A feasibility study to set up a Business Hub in the area revealed overwhelming demand particularly among self- employed and start-up businesses – the next phase of work is to develop a business plan that outlines the hub model and proposed funding methodology to take forward the initiative.

Further information can be accessed at :-

5. Do you have a rent or rate free period to attract new business to your local high streets?

You can find out the latest information on Ealing Council's Policy on Business rates by contacting our colleagues in the Business Rates Team- My colleague Jane Pearson- will be in a better position to provide you with this information.

As far as I am aware guidance has not been given yet on the re-occupied reliefs - it is a discretionary relief in that it will be awarded under Ealing's revised discretionary policy which is currently under consultation.

I hope the above responses are satisfactory – please feel free to contact me if you require further information. We have a business directory I am happy to post to you please can you let me have an address so I can send it to.


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