The Purpose of an Elevator Pitch
W hat is the purpose of an elevator pitch? What do you want to achieve from an elevator pitch? Is it to:

  • Solve a problem for your customers
  • Highlight a gain from doing business with your company
  • Making a positive impact on a business

Have you asked your clients if they are satisfied with your product or service?

Have you asked yourself why your clients are better off with you?

The purpose of an elevator pitch is to arouse a positive response, to get their attention and to generate further interest.

Its great to be passionate and emotive about your business, but it helps to have a foundation of substance that is grounded in a logical approach or ethos.

Clear answers will:

  • Differentiate you from the competition
  • Give you a USP
  • Enable you to condense your pitch succinctly
  • Roll off your tongue with ease

You should test it, check it, test it again until you are comfortable with it. You should seek feedback!

Above all:

  • Be confident
  • Do not hesitate
  • Say the same thing all the time
  • Use it as a strap line
  • Place it on Marketing materials and stationery

The best elevator pitches invariably say what they mean; they evoke a positive response and will make the person its said to want to buy into what you do; if it doesn't it means it’s not effective.

Things to avoid:

  • It should not be personalised with words such as I/we
  • It should not be bland
  • It should not be long winded
  • It should not be generic
  • It should not claim that you're the best
  • It should not claim that your range is great

The above do not say what you can achieve for your customers!

The best elevator pitches aim to win customers not lose them, so careful consideration should be made to ensure that your pitch grabs their attention. If you can, promise little and deliver above and beyond expectation then you have found the winning combination.


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