Estates Excellence & Tower Hamlets Offer Free Health & Safety Training on Fish Island
L aunched on 7th January 2015, Estates Excellence (a division of the Health & Safety Executive) and Tower Hamlets Council began their offering of free health & safety training for businesses located on Fish Island which borders the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park.

The objective of the project is help improve the knowledge, competency and confidence of people in your business, the training is free, delivered in short, focused, to-the-point sessions by qualified health and safety professionals, at a local venue. Business owners and employees can book on to as many of the training sessions as they wish and you can send several people to each, so everyone gets the same message - health and safety matters.

The types of training available on this project specific to Fish Island businesses are:

Asbestos Awareness

Basic Safety

Building Maintenance

Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH)

Fire Safety

Health & Safety Made Simple


Managing Noise at Work

Managing the Risks from Manual Handling

Preventing Slips and Trips

Risk Assessment

Working at Height

Working with Display Screen Equipment

Workplace Transport

We are proud to be associated with this project as it helps businesses become safer for their workforce and business owners alike. Training like this often comes at a significant cost and to get it for FREE is worth taking the offer up especially when it can help your business become a better place to work.

This project is open for a limited time only and for further information on how to gain access to the training please contact the following:

Interested? Contact Tower Hamlets on 020 7364 5008, email Healthandsafety@towerhamlets. or HSE on 0800 849 8012 (07900608143) or or visit


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