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S tuck for ideas? Looking for a way to cut costs? Looking for a way to make money? Looking for an opportunity?

Stuck for ideas? Looking for a way to cut costs? Looking for a way to make money? Looking for an opportunity? Unsure about what the future holds? Too busy trying to make ends meet? Have a student loan to service? Don't have a job that pays more than minimum wage? Turning a blind eye to what the future holds? Is it filled with uncertainty? Not sure if you can plan for a future like, making a life with a partner and starting a family? Are you grateful for the support from the bank of mum and dad? Wish you had bank of mum and dad? Hanging out with friends who are in the same boat? Not certain how to create an opportunity? Waiting for opportunity to come knocking?

Do you have more questions than answers, or are the answers, actually the above questions?

The economy is on the up, but are you feeling the benefits? Is the reality that economic growth is down to population growth, and not due to economic recovery that is noticed positively in the pocket? Are you actually struggling to make ends meet? Do you have less in your pocket and working more for it?

Property value is on the up, but is that a benefit to you or benefitting the property investors from far and wide? How can I cut costs and make more money? How likely am I to earn enough money to plan for the future? How can I build a sustainable business?

There comes a time in ones life that it may seem like the future is bleak, all that you hoped or planned for is farther than when you started out on the journey, only to find that three years or so in, it seems like it was a possible pipe dream. The economy is not going to give me the breaks, the politics are strange and uncertain, I'm not competing with the person sat next to me on the train or in my class but I'm competing with someone in China, India, Russia, and Brazil.

It is fair to say that the digital economy has opened markets and increased competition. It is true to say that this generation is likely to be poorer than the previous generation, but did the previous generation get it right? Did the previous generation make money for themselves without thought or consideration for the sustainability of their business model? The answer to that is no! To recreate the circumstances that made the previous generation is repeating the same mistake, which is to write cheques that the next generation is going to have to honour.

The world has changed, the methodology of efficient business and competitiveness has changed, the game has changed therefore we have to change, our expectations have to change, we have to adapt, we have to diversify, we have to rethink what it is that is going to provide us with a future that is not dependent upon boom and bust, saving for a pension, living for now, or not bothering at all. Cashing in or out is not a realistic proposition, nor is discarding the current system without a viable alternative. So what is the alternative?

Whereitsatlondon.com is actively seeking out and highlighting opportunities for entrepreneurs, start-ups and SME's alike.

In association with ecoconnect we aim to point you in the right direction for links, resources and opportunities to get into renewable energy and tech. High growth potential, lower costs, and sustainable too.

The simple fact is this. The population is going to grow, energy demands are set to increase; and the price is too high for the majority of households. There is opportunity for energy efficiency and sustainability to become the big growth industry and we are ideally placed to make money from it.

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