Forman's of Fish Island: An Integral Part of the Community for Over 100 Years
H ow Immigrants Become a Part of London's Heritage and Culture: Forman's on Fish Island is an Excellent Example.

Forman's on Fish Island have been supplying London with its distinct smoked salmon for over 110 years. Mr. Harry Forman the founder immigrated from Russia and opened his business shortly after. Over a century later H Forman & Sons is still a family run business that is proud to be associated with the East End of London, providing high quality wild smoked salmon to the London restaurant trade and farther afield.

Their new smoker has expanded their product range has to include the following: selection filleting and curing, smoking and hand carving, smoked halibut, wild halibut, cod and roe using artisan skills honed over the last century. Their business has also expanded into a wholesale and export of the best of British smoked salmon and other fish.

Not just the last of the original London fish smokers, it is also a restaurant and bar along with an art gallery and event space for unto 400 guests. It has great relationship with local artists as it provides a free gallery space for local artists. Anyone wishing to buy the work exhibited can do so by speaking to the staff.

Forman's as a business and as a family have grown over 100 years, they have been witness to significant social cultural change in London, from being around in Edwardian London and the days of the suffragettes, living through the first world and second world wars, surviving the blitz which decimated large swathes of the East End of London, the birth of the new docklands and now the Olympic Park which sits on its doorstep and their event space has an unrivalled view of the stadium. Its hosted many an event and their photo gallery wall on the way up to the space on the first floor bears testament to it.

Forman's is a business, they are also a tourist destination offering a journey of ever increasing surprises, that is a subtle yet a bold statement without being over bearing nestled in a semi industrial area that is Fish Island, which is witness to the changing landscape of London from old to new yet remaining true to its century old tradition of high quality smoked salmon for London and farther afield.

To get in touch:

H. Forman & Son

Stour Road, Fish Island, London E3 2NT

Telephone: 0208 5252 399 Facsimile: 0208 5252 398

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