Future Britain: What do we think when we put the two words together?
B ritains’ place in world events is unparalleled given its relative size and its imperial past has a lot to do with it, but some say that the imperial past is exactly that, in the past. But is it really?  We live with the imperial past today, in the cultural mix, the diversity of cuisine, music, dance, art and culture of modern Britain. 

So what is Future Britain?  Don't we live with it today? Don't we have a society that is more tolerant more inclusive, more respectful than it has ever been?

In 45 years the population of the world has doubled, the influence of the EU as a share of economic activity has shrunk, although productivity and technology has increased, the simple truth is without the rest of the world we would all be worse off. An example of which is in Shenzhen which is a MegaCity just a  30 minute tube train ride from Hong Kong where a company is based that manufactures tech that is in 1/4 of the worlds smart phones.

The future of Britain is intrinsically linked with the future of the world, one cannot be separated from the other. Closing doors or restricting access to the doors that open up to a world of opportunity is like the entrance to a nightclub where VIPs get access past the velvet rope manned by burly security and the rest of us minions are required to queue for an opportunity to be turned away at the door for not having the right look, or some other minuscule reason that is beyond reasonable.

The world has grown up faster than we in the EU gave it credit. We underestimated its potential, and we continue to underestimate the ingenuity of humanity to search for solutions in the absence of “The White Man.” Its hateful to use that term but there are many that use that stick as an excuse to beat down a realistic view of what is happening around us.

The safest place to be a minority, the greatest place to be in a minority and have your voice heard is here in this island.  The law maybe an ass but it’s our ass, and we can give it a carrot or stick as we see fit. Our laws our institutions have laid the foundations of the modern world.

So what is Future Britain? It’s not a nirvana to be aspiring to, it’s not a distant hope or aspiration; its now! Future Britain is here, depending on which statistic you choose, we are the fifth or sixth largest economy in the world. We are the second largest donor of aid in the world, its fair to say that we punch above our weight, its time to call out those that don’t!

Future Britain is in engagement with all, not to be restricted by conventions set out in directives or regulations that are set out in an environment where they have little understanding of the psyche of Britain today. 

Yes, there are threats, yes there are concerns, yes there are systems, regimes and dictators that seek to undermine that which our fathers mothers and forbears fought for and we live with the world that they helped to create. To stand out in a crowd is tough going when you're a little guy among giants, but have no doubt that we stand on the shoulders of giants and our word our society our systems and processes are respected and revered in equal measure. This also sets us up as objects of jealousy and hatred in some quarters.

Future Britain is now, future cities, smart cities, integrated tech and access to opportunities in a sustainable manner is the key that will unlock the world to those that exist in darkness and its from these shores that we will enable light to reach the darkest corners.

How does this set the stage for the purposes of this article and ongoing debate?

By offering solutions to the obvious:

There is a pay gap, there is a productivity issue, there is a restrictive issue that some laws that prevent us from operating in a manner that could be more conducive for the many and not just the few.

Sustainable methodologies require local solutions for local issues, community engagement and prosperity feeding into a larger ecosystem is the key.

Sustainability is only workable if we create the markets and opportunities where people are located, so infrastructure development on a local level which includes the fundamentals of:

• Renewable Energy/Community Energy

• Housing 

• Healthcare

• Transport

• Education

• Food Production

• Logistics & Management  

These are all workable today, they are doable today, don't  we just need to engage and create the opportunities for others to follow? 

Join us in making Future Britain more of a reality for more people than just sitting on the sideline waiting for things to happen.  Watch this space for more to come, to find out how to get involved, to join us on this exciting journey...have we got something for you? Just wait and see!


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