The Great British Bake Off, Modern British Attitudes and Gender Equality
W hy is GBBO so popular? Is it a combination of all things great about Britain from days past and today. Puddings, cakes, desserts have been a staple of Britishness for centuries.

But what does it tell us about Britain today? Does it indicate something more than what can be seen on the surface? Does set the style the placement the bunting all evoke English country gardens and the times of Enid Blyton and the Famous Five? Does it evoke memories of Britain of the thirties, of care free times along with lashings and lashings of ginger beer?

What has happened to the style of Britain since, during and after the credit crunch? The style of the nation has harked back to austere styles, of flower print dresses and doctor martins. Is it the make do and mend mentality to reduce the burden on women to look chic that costs money that they do not have?

Does the fashion for pubs to style themselves as though they've been bombed out, better known as shabby chic help us to find comfort in austerity? Do the hair rollers for thirties hairdos and old style pushbikes with baskets on the front reinforce this lifestyle?

What Does the Socio Cultural Structure do Help or Hinder Gender Equality?

Conversely what does the Disney fantasy lifestyle tell our daughters? Does it reinforce that girls are sugar and spice and all things nice; boys are snips and snails and puppy dogs tails? What is middle America reinforcing where young girls are regularly dressing up as princesses and going to tea parties, going to ballet & gymnastics class and trying out for cheerleading positions? Is this reinforced by anything that is counter to this is regarded in media and social circles as the geek squad, or sexually orientated towards same sex relationships and or frowned upon in the bible belt?

Did Comic-con become cool when beautiful young women dress up in revealing outfits which spurned whole new genre of titillation in cos-play, which in some circles was viewed as perverted behaviour of the privileged classes indulging their fantasies with their mistresses or prostitutes?

Does the Hollywood Red Carpet Underpin the system of the Objectification of Women?

Why do the top 10 male Hollywood actors make almost double that of the top 10 women Hollywood actresses? Why do we still have best actor and best actress categories in award ceremonies? Why do male artists of not feel the need to sell tracks by dressing in skimpy outfits and or posting sexually suggestive images on social media to sell their wares? Is this an advancement in the cause of gender equality or is it a hindrance?

What messages are we sending our children? When can a boy be a boy and a girl be a girl? What does it mean to be a boy or a girl today? If its acceptable to be gay, bi lesbian or transgender, is it also acceptable to be simply heterosexual? If so, what does a boy do to attract a girl? In a gender equal society is it ok to ask a girl for a dance and whisper sweet nothings in her ear on the dance floor or do both parties need to be half drunk in order to be able to connect intimately?

What are the new social norms for a heterosexual male to woo a heterosexual female? In a gender equal society, is it right for a man to feel obliged to pay for the drinks and dinner? In a gender equal society is it fair for a girl to flirt with a boy to get him to buy her drinks and then walk off leaving him high and dry? In a gender equal society is it ok for WAGs to be WAGs and expect the boyfriend to pick up the tab?

In a gender equal society is it ok to want to live your life in a traditional monogamous relationship where the man is the bread winner and the woman is the homemaker? In a gender equal society is it ok for a woman to have a drunken punch up outside a pub with a man and the man be too embarrassed to hit back to defend himself?

In a gender equal society is it okay for a woman to dress in a skimpy outfit and not get approached by a man and be propositioned?

In a gender equal society is it ok for a woman to choose to dress conservatively and not feel threatened for expressing her right to do so?

In a gender equal society is it okay for a man to sing about the lines becoming blurred and be branded a misogynist?

In a gender equal society is it not true to say that the lines have become so blurred that to navigate through this life has become so confusing for both men and women that the traditional roles and lifestyle is quietly yearned for by both sexes; if only to keep track of where your place is in this world? Has the pace of change been so rapid that we have become so confused that we don't know whether we are coming or going? Is it not why GBBO and its traditionalist yet modern way of being is missed so much?

We don't have the all answers or even some of the answers we only pose the questions in a particular manner to spark a debate. The rest is for the individual to decide whether there is a debate to be had or not.


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