Getting Ahead of the Curve: Is It Worth It?
T he basic truth of small business owners across the world, is how to get something started and make money from it...

We asked a small business owner who is a market trader & shop owner, what is your primary aim?

To make enough to pay my bills, pay me a wage, for a roof over our heads, to feed and clothe my family, have an annual holiday and put some money away to retire. It's not to create millions or billions,take over the world, be the biggest or best.

Then we asked, what is keeping you from achieving your aim?

Just to get up and running nowadays there are so many hoops you have to jump through, before you even get to start trading, forget about raising finance, you need to prove to a bank that you don't need their money in order for them to lend you money...anyone with a bit of a chequered past is on a trip to nowhere with a bank loan be it business or personal.

We asked for further comment:

You have to demonstrate that you’re financially stable, you have a regular income, you're not over extended but our own government is paying off £100,000,000 in debt interest per day not even repaying the capital amount. Banks are in worse shape than ever before, some suspected and convicted of rate rigging, others stand accused of potentially forcing customers to fold in order to buy up the assets of their business to feed their coffers. Another bank was given a hefty fine for laundering money for cartels. Despite being given money by government to lend, it still hasn't filtered down sufficiently and even then start ups and small business owners are reluctant to invest because of fears they might get caught.”

Some of the small business owners known to are unhappy with the way things are going,

It's a continual monotonous grind on a treadmill, with no end in sight, it's only set to get worse. Look at the property situation in London, it's being bought up largely by overseas investors pouring money into the capital and pricing the locals out. If some form of regulation, or as in New York, rent capping could be a consideration, whole communities could be lost; histories and pockets of history buried in the name of progress. The race has changed, the game has changed, the small business is in a race with the world, even to maintain his own standard of living its one step forward, two steps back...'

The interviewee wished to remain anonymous but we'd like you to submit your thoughts and opinions on the state of play for you via twitter, Facebook, or email. Please answer the two questions above or just share a comment.

Thinking of starting up despite the views expressed above: try the link below for information and resources to help you start up.



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