HSBC Moving HQ: Bluff or Cynical Attempt to Influence Election Outcome?
A re HSBC using their AGM as a method to influence political decisions?

Given the latest news coming from HSBC regarding their consideration of HQ relocation from London to elsewhere; we ask the question, is it right for large multinational corporations with interests beyond our borders to attempt to influence the decisions of policy makers and the electorate weeks away from the general election?

When is it right for large corporations to use their influence to potentially scare employees, customers, politicians and media to advance their cause of profits before the national good?

In the light of the global financial crisis for which we all bear the brunt, which arguably has set us back by decades; that has indebted many a nation to the point of bankruptcy; that has made the global economic topography unbalanced to the point where it has arguably caused in part the growing clamour for economic migration on a scale never known in history. Is it right to push profit before sustainable economic growth?

Is it right to state that business is not business worth doing if it's not in the interest of creating stability? Is it right to state that boom and bust only creates extreme polarisation that creates advantage of the few and not the many? In a world where resources are finite, where climate change knows no border, where extremist ideology is left to fill the vacuum and decisions made in boardrooms possibly effect the economic wellbeing of a nation.

Isn't there an argument to be made that the rats are the first to abandon ship; instead of manning the bilge pumps or riding out the storm, when times get tough; why should the customer, the shareholder, the policy makers offer incentives that facilitate economic advantages when the weather is good only to be left holding the baby when the Weather turns stormy?


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