Harpal Clinic: Health and Wellbeing with Anti-aging Treatments
H ave you ever wondered if there is such a place that looks after your health and wellbeing on the inside as well as the outside? Its a process that is common in the USA but still relatively new here in the UK. Now there is a place in London and we met with Dr Harpal Bains to learn more.

What do you do?

We are a pro-active health management and anti-ageing clinic. We focus on anti-ageing from the inside (bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, preventive and integrative medicine) and outside (aesthetic medicine and beauty). We believe that the body functions as a whole and aspire to provide a holistic approach towards aesthetics, health and well being.

When did you start?

We were established in April 2014.

Why did you start?

The medical element of the business was borne out of passion for practising medicine the ‘old fashioned’ way of actually listening to the patient and viewing the patient holistically plus combining that with cutting edge technological advances in diagnostic labs tests and latest evidence-based medicine to come up with a bespoke solution that works for life.

The aesthetic element of the business is a personal interest of Dr Bains that also uses similar principles of approaching beauty holistically and scientifically to come up with a multi-tiered approach to address all the skin layers, hormones and nutrition to achieve a long term skin care management plan that works.

What has your journey been like?

It has been a very interesting journey both as a doctor trying to understand the realities of also being a jack-of-all-trades in the business world; to a personal journey of learning more and more about a subject that I’m hugely passionate about.

What challenges have you encountered?

Figuring out how to reach people has been quite a challenge and one full of trials and errors. The other big challenge is to introduce the idea of “pro-active health management” where you start taking charge of your health now, while still well, before age- related degenerative health changes occur.

How did you overcome the challenges?

I blogged. I’ve always loved writing and decided that I will write about what I know and hopefully in the process, I’ll be able to empower people to take charge of their own health and wellbeing. The rest of it was trial and error and simply not being afraid to take a risk (despite being terrified!)

Where are you now?

We are at a position where I’ve been able to employ new staff and grow the business because we have been lucky enough to have gained a loyal clientele.

Where do you hope to be?

The hope is to eventually be in the position to reach out, educate and empower the average person to take more charge of their lives and not leave it to others. I’m also hoping to set up a charity within a few years to put into place some of the principles I feel very strongly about regarding nutrition in the young and how it affects their future.

Do you have anything that you would like to add?

Read my blogs and watch the videos. See if it resonates with you. Read up more. Challenge what you hear and question everything that’s black and white. There is after all, always a grey and occasionally a silver lining.

Do you have a testimonial from a happy client/s? If so, please provide…

H Barry

Now after 3 months on testosterone therapy. Libido very good and healthy, laugh a lot more, engages with life a lot more, listens to music a lot more, body responds to going to gym, more stamina, able to swim a lot longer, recovery from gym a lot quicker. Now waiting for the downfall as feel that its too good to be true.

Able to handle stress a lot better. Feels much warmer than before. Anxiety levels much reduced. More effective at work. Get up and go is there. We have got our relationship back.

Sonia Goodman

Sadly I was not able to have my condition treated but despite this and with no payment taken, the exceptional Doctor spent an hour giving knowledgeable help and advice. For that reason I will certainly return for any of the treatments this clinic offers should I need them in the future. Fantastic experience from Dr Baines who truly is an ascending star and deserves success. Thankyou

Alison Hornby

Fantastic experience at the Harpal Clinic and will be returning!
The Intraceuticals facial was amazing and everyone commented about how plumped my skin looked afterwards. This treatment would be perfect before you go on a hot date as you literally glow afterwards!!!
All the staff are friendly and helpful and genuinely interested in you as a person to get the best results. It is great to find a quiet retreat from the hustle and bustle of the hectic City pace.

Dieter De Duytschaever

I was amazed by the kind reception and friendliness of the staff. The doctor itself was very good at making me feel comfortable and it felt as they had a lot of time for me. Top service!



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