Jason Roberts Foundation Launch Training Course at City Hall
W e attended the launch of the Jason Roberts Foundation new workforce development and training course with Crystal Palace FC Foundation at London City Hall.

Together they have devised a new accredited training course for coaches, youth workers and volunteers on equality, diversity and inclusion. In delivering this training across the UK and Ireland we will build a sports and youth workforce that are skilled in understanding equality and diversity issues, challenging behaviour that is racist / prejudiced, and embed our ethos into everyday delivery.

The speakers took to the lectern to talk about female equality, youth work in Croydon, equality and diversity in sport at all levels, not just on the pitch, in the back office but in the boardrooms too. (We aim to follow up on this in greater detail)

Jason Roberts MBE, Founder of Jason Roberts Foundation, said: "Role models are not just those playing professional sport or music or in the media – we all have a duty to be role models in our everyday life, to our peers and to our young people. Current events demonstrate that we need to be aware that old attitudes still exist and need to be challenged, so this approach is needed as much now as ever before.

Steve O'Connell, London Assembly Member for Croydon & Sutton said: "As London Assembly Member for Croydon and Sutton, and a long term supporter of Crystal Palace Football club, I strongly welcome this new partnership between CPFC Foundation and the Jason Roberts Foundation.

Donald Forde, Crystal Palace FC Foundation, said: "Crystal Palace FC may be in the Premier League but basically we are still a local, community club. It feels instinctively right for us a Foundation to get involved in something which has been developed from the grass roots up and is aimed at all of us developing a better understanding of our communities.

"We fully embrace what the Jason Roberts Foundation is trying to achieve through its new training programme and look forward to using it as an important resource for our work."

Looking at it from a perspective of creating opportunities and best practice we have no doubt that the work that Jason Roberts Foundation and Crystal Palace Foundation will achieve in this partnership and accredited training course it will help address the challenges of Croydon youth and farther afield. Working nationally and internationally with 5 Star Active partnership the Jason Roberts Foundation ideally positioned to create and deliver quality accredited equality, diversity and inclusion training for many years to come.

Jason Roberts Foundation Key Objectives:

  • To deliver positive activities and train role models in the heart of our communities to support young people regardless of background or circumstance.
  • To embed equality, diversity and respect as a part of the cultural fabric of sport, the workplace and society at large and celebrate the contributions of those varied groups.
  • To provide workshops and accredited training to coaches, youth workers and volunteers to become role models for equality, diversity and respect.


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