London Brough of Bexley: Borough of Opportunity
O ver the past few months we have been working with the London Borough of Bexley and Estates Excellence on promotion, planning and delivery of the Estates Excellence Programme, which delivers Free Health and Safety Training for SMEs in the borough, in partnership with businesses that offer their resources be they human or facilities. During our numerous visits to the London Borough of Bexley’s newly built Civic Centre, meeting with the various individuals and departments we have come to learn a few things which we gladly share with you.

Bexley is a borough with tremendous opportunities for development, in property, light industrial, manufacturing, warehousing logistics, digital, tech startups, clean tech and renewables to say but a few.

Bexley is ideally situated and has the over 70 hectares of land available for development.

Its proximity to central London is 30 mins by overground train and is soon to be even more accessible with a Crossrail station at Abbeywood.

The parks and green space makes it a family friendly borough ideal for bringing a young family up

It has a suburban feel and is also close to open countryside and farmland of the garden of England.

The average property prices are more than 50% less than that of the London average

Its an affordable proposition first time buyers and young families

Its also for those that wish to expand their living space without the higher costs of other parts of London

Working with the council has been a positive experience.

They are committed to improving the borough for its residents in the form of creating business opportunities as well as fulfilling their statutory duties.

They are committed to attracting new business opportunities for existing businesses in the borough and for businesses that may consider moving into the borough.

Not to want to sound like a travelogue or a paid for advertorial; we say it as we see it. There are opportunities in Bexley, there are options in Bexley, there are long term development plans underway and more on the horizon.

As London is growing so will Bexley, its like an open secret, it may seem like its overlooked, but we say its now that Bexley has a look, charm and character of its own and will become a powerhouse of resource and opportunities, in human and development opportunities for businesses and the people of the borough and of Greater London also.

Its for you to know what you want from Bexley and explore how you can grow in Bexley as well as attract the right talent to deliver your proposition, there is a pool of local talent and business opportunities ready and waiting to access, to employ, to train, to develop.

During October 2015 Bexley and Estates Excellence will be offering free health and safety training in partnership with a range of organisations which we are happy to be supporting.

What makes Bexley an attractive proposition?

All of the above and more…


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