Marmite and the USA: Love it or Hate it?
F or all the rhetoric and reconciling one has to do in the light of comments, the plethora of absurdities that emanate and reek suspiciously of diarrhoea from the mouth of a particular individual that shall remain nameless; we have come to a not so startling but stark admission and it's derived from facts.

The USA is marmite. You either love it or hate it. Let's list our reasons why we hate it first, it's always better to end positively if one can:

The inequality of races and sexes evidenced by black lives matter;

The disproportionately high amount of blacks and Hispanics in the prison population; 

The prison industrial complex

The inadequate access to housing, healthcare and education for the poor 

Police fines used as a tool to collect local taxes from poor communities

The plea bargaining system being used as a tool that is prone to injustices 

The poor level of workers rights when compared to Europe 

The ease at which corporations access government through lobbying, campaign donations and the people referred to as special interests

The banks being too big to fail yet other forms of state aid for the people being frowned upon 

The latent racism that permeates through all levels of society where you're defined by race and gender; a person of characteristics not a person of character 

The blatant over consumption and highest carbon emissions of any nation on the planet 

The poor quality of news and analysis by networks

The startling ignorance of the population that it perpetuates 

The sad state of affairs that gives rise to extremist doctrine that enables a republican presidential candidate of the calibre that they have running currently;

The porn industry which perpetuates the sexual exploitation of the vulnerable and masks it in a cloak of legality and entertainment

The wildfire of mass murderers and gun crime

The war on drugs having as little effect on consumption as did prohibition of alcohol

The World Series (which other nation participates)

Why we love the USA:

Although Alexander Fleming is credited with the discovery of Penicillin it was across the pond where it was produced in quantities that it could be used in the battlefields of WW2 in particular beginning on D-Day.

The varied music that has come from the USA from swing, to r&b, soul, jazz, rock and roll, country, gospel,  & hip hop

Mass manufacturing of motor vehicles which democratised personal mobility.

The concept of democracy and meritocracy not just being for the privileged few

Hollywood, which has charmed, alarmed, delighted and shocked us throughout the last 100 or more years

Containerisation which standardised and improved the movement of freight which has improved all our lives

Why is the USA the worlds largest economy? Because;  

They create new opportunities and new markets, 

They create products and services that consumers want, 

They lower the barriers to entry 

They create the circumstances for profit

They celebrate success 

They welcome immigration 

They welcome freedom of speech

Monetary success, huge markets, creating world changing, world beating products that have changed the world; research and development in drugs for healthcare, space and aviation, creating manufacturing machinery that is used in the manufacture of more products and services.  Being the leading nation that has driven the growth of the internet and internet provision along with the tech giants that provide products for the world to consume and using this to better the lives of billions as a result.

For all the faults a nation or civilisation may have; if  they have the ability to change and to develop, to look at themselves and say thats not right and then take the steps to make changes is a society and a civilisation that we should emulate.  As a member of a community of nations if they didn’t create demand for their products and services they would not be so successful but the undeniable facts are that they do; they do not force you into buying their products, watch their movies, read their news, watch their sports, drink their colas. eat their burgers, pizza or fried chicken.

We all do to a greater or lesser degree and we all enjoy them to a greater or lesser degree with a touch of guilty pleasure too. To consider the huge contribution that the USA has made to the world is to simply imagine a world without the USA; we all would be worse off for it.

God Bless America!


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