How To Maximise Your Customer Experience: And Your Own!
T his article aides you to configure your thoughts on how to best maximise your customer experience, Its not a prescription nor is it an antidote, its a possible remedy to help with a situation that we all may find ourselves in from time to time...

Relaxing in the 'hypnogogic state' (see sort your brain out) it releases me from the day to day trivia that in the height of a working day may not so trivial but actually a priority. I got to thinking. Thinking about how nice it is being in this zen like state, where nothing is an issue and everything is fine with me and the world. It isn't actually but as individuals, we cannot change the world alone. That is the preserve of a remarkable few. The rest of us, enjoy the fruits of their work.

This state of being is a very pleasant place. It's almost like being in an embryonic state. Warm, comfortable, fed, watered, heart rate fine, blood pressure fine, no aches, no pains, peace, calm and quiet. No riot of sounds, sense, taste or smells.

Now, when a client, customer, new or returning is allowed to be in this state on your premises, is it not natural to assume that:

A) They're more likely to spend time browsing

B) They're likely to spend more

C) They're likely to visit again

D) They're likely to recommend you to a friend

These are the four elements you need to consider on a regular basis. Then you to try it, test, review, adjust. Try a new idea, test it, review it and adjust it.

Any bricks and mortar business that can improve customer experience is likely to see a steady increase in sales. If you're spending up to 10 hours a day on your premises, it's likely to improve your mood too. No one really wants to be highly stressed all day.

Ask yourself, where is my favourite spot, where I go and chill? What is it about that place? Why do I like it? What elements can I introduce to my work environment in order to improve my customer experience and my work environment? It's a win-win situation for you and for you customers.

Here are some simple adjustments to tweak your place of work.

Introduction of soft lighting, background music, soft furnishings. In other cases you might went to jazz things up with more upbeat or funkier music, flat screen TV with music videos (Remember that what we like, may not work for your customers) If you know your customers, you'll know what they like, if you want to attract new customers, think about who they might be first. Adjust the sights, sounds, colours and fragrances to suit.

If you'd like advice, guidance or suggestions, feel free to send an email with your question and we will publish it with our answer after having sent you it first. Alternatively visit our contact page and tell us about your business and we can feature you before and after. We have a Sir John Harvey Jones type in our office. He lives to troubleshoot.


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