London Mayoral Election 2016: Sadiq or Zac?
L ondon's mayoral election is days away. If you're wondering why we have not written anything, (given the fact of our name and strategic objectives) or why haven't we mentioned anything until now

It's been a news rich month, with lots to think about, we try to think first, we're a very small team and we have been undergoing change behind the scenes to prepare for the future. That and the fact that we are a business and lifestyle platform, we stick to what we know; but the new mayor is someone we hope to work with moving forward, whichever party they represent.

If the polls are anything to go by then it is; but how right were the polls in last years general election? Not very, not even nearly, in fact they got it monumentally wrong barring the exit poll. There was a time when local politics was a three party proposition in London, but the Liberal Democrats or 5 years of a coalition with the Tories in losing seats in parliament.

The soon to be predecessor, the Brexit campaigns leading light Mr Johnson won the job for a second time with 23% of the vote, which should tell you one thing. If you want your vote to count then use your vote this Thursday. So, what is the situation as we see it.

One is Bremain one is in the Brexit, both are pro business, both are big on housing although their definitions of what is affordable might be the key. What is this dog whistling about? Is that because the Tories are scared? Are they trying to scare Londoners? Does the religion of a candidate make a difference? Is it being used surreptitiously in a negative way?  Some would say yes and has no place in the campaign. So if religion has no place, then who wins?

One, a son of a bus driver the other the son of a billionaire, one grew up on a council estate, the other had a life of privilege and an Eton ‘edumacation’. One is a human rights lawyer and a member of the Privy Councillor the other is a former editor of The Ecologist Magazine, who's father Sir James Goldsmith, founded the referendum party in 1997. 

One earns circa £75k pa plus expenses the other earns the same plus has a trust fund income of £65k a month. Does this make a difference? Not if religion shouldn't either!

Both are likeable, both seem genuine, both are good candidates. 

How to choose?

Does race, creed, colour, faith, background, social standing, economic background, and therefore life experiences have a bearing upon whom to cast ones vote?  

Empathy is not the preserve of the privileged or the underprivileged. Empathy is a human trait and we are all one species.  One comes from a life of vast wealth, one comes from a council estate.

What is an everyday Londoner?  London is unique in the world, it's a global city, with a reach and draw that outstrips any city, in its history, culture, diversity and opportunities when combined. 

There are wealthy Londoners, there are poor Londoners, Who will best represent the little man or woman? Who will best understand the issues of ordinary Londoners? Who will be able to work with all sections of the communities and unite more than divide? Who will be able to work with the city, understand the needs and concerns of the low and high earners? Wealth creation is an apothecaries concoction that requires the perfect combination of supply and demand combined with entrepreneurship and available labour with the right skills. It needs constant attention and adjustment.

Politics is a dirty business, you need a thick skin and high level of integrity to succeed in a media driven democratic society. Having said that, smear campaigns can and do rear its ugly head; in place of the assassins bullet, poison umbrella or radioactive cup of char. Smear campaigning although not ideal is more palatable than a bullet, a dodgy brolly or a radioactive cuppa.

London its over to you!


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