Fans Not Customers: How To Create Growth Company’s in a No Growth World By Vernon W. Hill II
T his book gives a great insight into how Vernon Hill turned the concept of banking on its head in the United States with such success, his achievement has been unmatched in so far as organic growth is concerned. It also has relevance in wider business too which it can be said that some would stand to gain by adopting his methodology and outlook.
“People do not know what they want until you show it to them'

- Henry Ford

The book starts with an intro that is part biographical, and which includes some key quotes (as above) and some interesting titbits of information as a taster of things to come. It doesn't bombard you with statistics, facts or figures - which are often placed in such offerings to inform you, the reader, of how knowledgeable the author is. Time spent reading of which could be best utilised elsewhere.

The first few sentences say enough for you to sit up and take notice…

Vernon reinvented the American retail banking. His focus on service created a true growth retailer. No one else has grown an American bank internally at 25% per year for thirty plus years, no one.

- Tom Brown, Founder

The above quote is like an opening set of salvos across your broadside. If you have any cause to doubt the validity of this statement and ignore it, then so be it. If you want to find out more and potentially learn - then read on.

In an individual lifetime, there are occasions when it is necessary to pick up a book and learn; in order to re-educate oneself to acquire new skills and working practices; its part of the natural progression of life in order to grow and develop both professionally and personally.

There have probably been publications that you've read that bore you with statistics and information that, more often than not, leave you with more questions than answers to figure out for yourself. This book is not like that. This book documents in detail – it's logical, simple, contextual appropriate and concise. It is written in a comprehensive manner, without shrouding you with an air of mysticism, that soothsayers and gurus that peddle a potion to earn their way.

For a student/entrepreneur getting to the facts or having to discern or calculate and apply afterthought and consideration is par for the course. This book does not create obstacles it removes them. An entrepreneur needs to learn quickly, and this is one of the few books out there that will actually help, without baffling you with science.


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