Micheal's Hair & Beauty
T his hair and beauty salon is tucked away in a quiet area of South London and offers more than just a hairdo.

Tucked away in a quiet street in a South London conservation area is a local hairdressing salon. It's Saturday afternoon and it's busy as one would expect.

It's a local hairdressing salon but there is one aspect of it that may have been overlooked. What would that be you might ask? It's pedigree. It's been a family business for nearly 50 years, it's an integral part of its community, it's a place where the customers are valued and respected. It's clean and comfortable.

Then you look at the walls and you see the certificates from the London College of Fashion Hairdressing School along with certificates from the Royal Institute of Public Health and Hygiene and L’Oreal Technical centre for colouring.

The owner Erena has over 20 years experience and she knows her job, she loves it, and it is apparent in how she deals with clients. You walk away knowing you've been taken care of and you are happy with your hair. At the same time you've enjoyed an afternoon in pleasant surroundings, pleasant company which makes a happier place to be.

Sat in the salon pondering on the weeks events and the week ahead it's nice to step back and enjoy a fleeting moment of pampering then one realises just how much the trip to the salon is more than just a haircut. It's an experience.

Michael's Hair & Beauty

Denmark Road



T: 0207 274 4899

Opening Hours:

Monday: 9am to 6pm

Tuesday: 9am to 6pm

Wednesday: 9am to 6pm

Thursday: 9am to 1pm

Friday: 8.30 to 6pm

Saturday: 8am to 6pm


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