#Britain21 The New Face of Modern Britain?
T he last century has seen Britain change from the worlds imperial superpower to a multicultural superpower. What more change should we expect and should we manage that change?

There are several areas of Britishness that make us British but within that we are differentiated amongst ourselves from nations within to northern or southern, Catholic or Protestant, muslim or Jew, Hindu or Sikh, Bhuddist or non believer.

The differentiation doesn't end there, you can find allegiances to cities Scouser's or Mancunian's, Glaswegian or Edinburgh, Brummies or Geordies all differentiate themselves from Londoners. Within Londoners they differentiate themselves between North, South, East and West Londoners.

The cultural map is multilayered, multi faceted, and peoples within people's can ally themselves in several terms, which has concentrated and diluted the communities within communities. Commonwealth communities have a greater cultural affinity to Britain than the former colonies of France, Italy, or Spain, which is a differentiator between immigrants, which is further differentiated between Western Europe, Eastern block former Soviet Union nations and ally's. Crossing over that divide you will find an affinity between Poland and the Imperial Britain of old. Britain of today is where you will find significant communities from all of the above, the greatest concentration of which you will find in London.

The population of London has reached 8.6 million from 7 million 5 years ago. The growth, the demand upon the infrastructure, housing, health, education, utilities, food and transport has shot up.

What does it mean to be British today? To be British today is to be aware of this change. There is a hierarchy appearing between old Brits and new. The new Brits have arrived, and will need to etch their native identity on the cultural tapestry of London, but they will eventually absorb more of the identity of their chosen home city, and it will take precedence. As it should.

#Britain21 is a fantastic place to live, London being a port city has had immigrants from far flung places of the empire and beyond for centuries. It's unlike any city on the planet for its diversity. It's absorbed and maintained its identity whilst simultaneously become ever more enriched. There are some that would say that New York is similar, and we would agree, but it lacks one small yet fundamental difference. London is 2500 years old.


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