Movies and SMEs: How Small Business can Leave a Large and Lasting Impression?
T he path of the righteous SME is beset on all sides by the inequities of the selfish and the tyranny of evil corporations. 

The passage originally from The Holy Bible but brought into the modern world at the end of the last century in the now cult classic Pulp Fiction. It is the seminal movie that launched or relaunched the careers of Messrs John Travolta, Bruce Willis, Samuel L. Jackson, Tim Roth, Harvey Keitel, Ving Rhames, and the enigmatic Uma Thurman to name but a few. The director Quentin Tarantino(QT) became Hollywood hot property overnight.  The resulting movie genre he has spawned has a distinct style just as spaghetti westerns of Sergio Leone achieved from whence QT draws some inspiration as well as other cult movies and genres.

What has this to do with an SME, start up or entrepreneur?

Easy, in some cases it doesn't require the millions in marketing budget and resources of a huge studio as it had been for the majority of the existence of Hollywood up until then, it requires a great script, creative direction, an ensemble of newbies, established, and the distinct into a cast of distinction.  No doubt the actors upon reading the script for the first time must have thought that it was something special.  Anyone that has seen it can agree that it broke new ground. Breaking new ground is to pioneer, to be the first is a distinction that cannot be matched; there can only ever be the one, first of anything.

Not all of us can claim to be the first in anything of consequence that’s why we applaud our champions be they athletes such as our exemplary @TeamGB and @ParalympicsGB, or entrepreneurs that literally reach stratospheric heights such as Sir Richard Branson or lows such as Robert Maxwell.  There are a litany of crooks that earn their place in history such as Ponzi, Madoff that astound us with their greed and inequity as written in Ezekiel 25:17 “the selfish and the tyranny of evil men”.

To stand out is not always a good thing to earn a distinction for a positive achievement is; to maintain the  Hollywood theme “with great power comes great responsibility” (First attributed to Voltaire latterly Spiderman) It’s responsible to plan for change, because shooting stars may burn brightest but they are seen for a blink of an eye, or as Lao Tzu put it “The flame that burns Twice as bright burns half as long.”

What are we in business for?  What do we want to achieve? Why do we want to achieve it? 

“When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be”.-Lao Tzu

So we all cant be the first, we all cant win gold medals at the Olympic Games, we all cant be Richard Branson or should we want to be Maxwell, Madoff or Ponzi?

The drivers are the same, success is the driver, but not all success can be or should be measured in pound notes, euros or dollars. Whichever currency you choose its not necessarily a financial one that may hold the greatest value.

Picking your battles, specialising in a particular set of skills or offering, developing it and adding value through personalisation, consideration, and service is what sets the best out from the mediocre.

Trying to compete with the biggest may not be the smartest move but the bigger they are the harder they fall, if you're nimble, adaptive, responsive are able to rotate or tailor your product or service to suit is to be more responsive that your competitor.  Having a standard set of protocols which then can be tailored to suit is a model that car manufacturers bring to the vehicles which add a degree of personalisation and individuality to a mass produced product.

So; in the greater scheme of things its important to know who you are, know what it is that you do well, then bring value to what it is that you do through the personalisation.

If you have a great brand it’s a wonderful thing, but it may not always be in a logo or image; it can be as simple as the quality of service that you deliver and the level of customer satisfaction that will win you fans and repeat business.

What all too often is overlooked is the true value of any business, that is the individuality, the ensemble, its delivery and how it fits into the tapestry of the larger picture. The inventiveness of the individual is what will add value to a product or service not necessarily the product or service itself.

To sell a pen isn't as easy as it may seem, its creating the need for a pen which will sell pens; that’s the abstract that creates the reality and therefore the need.

So, in summary, what it is we are getting at is you do not need to be a huge multinational to make a difference, you do not need a huge budget to make a start, what you do is a logical step by step approach to an aim or objective with an ultimate outcome; from A to B leads to C. What you will find is that you are not fully equipped when you start out on the journey, you will acquire skills, expertise, personnel and early adopters as you travel the road; the main issue you will have to overcome is when exactly do you start out on your journey; just because your luggage might be a little light is not a reason not to start out, you can collect more luggage on route. The last cliche or quote we end with is “Fortune favours the bold”.


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