News Glorious News: Real or Fake?
A n eventful week it has been, as the world reels in delight, disgust, fear and loathing rolled into one sweet bemusing package; is it actually sour or both?

The ‘truth’ be told there is a lot of news out there, and we know not all of its good or even accurate. The trouble with 24 hour rolling news is that the main players sometimes struggle to find content, when they do, it comes so thick and fast that there is little time for rigorous analysis.

Quality journalism doesn't lend itself to instant propagation; is this why it's filled with comments, tweets, shares, likes, and inadequate analysis or discussion? So, could it be concluded that there is more fake news than truth out there? Has 24 hours rolling news, in some cases become reportage of social media interactions driven by maximisation of exposure restricting depth because sensationalisation attracts more likes and shares? 

Who honestly has the time to read a full length article to discern fact from fiction? Who indeed wants to read something of substance? There are some news magazine shows that are more like breakfast or daytime tv shows pandering to a dullard populous that lacks the depth or inclination to want to understand the complexities of what is going on in the world today, or is it presumed by programmers, commissioners, and schedulers? 

Is daytime tv and news a diet of brain numbing aspirational visual diarrhoea a that it's dumbed down the national diet? So, when critical analysis is required is the appetite lost due to the fill of gossip and celebrity that's mimicked in social media thus becoming news? 

Fake courts, cheating spouses, reruns of car shows, panel shows, parlour games, DIY, home and lifestyle, collectors, restorers, all manner of hobbyists mixed with comedy reruns old and new, is it no wonder that streaming and box sets are becoming more popular?

Is there a small yet lucrative pool of celebrities that do the rounds on panel shows across the terrestrial channels, all plying their trade in an incestuous trade? Does this restrict diversity? Is it worthy of a PhD study into modern media and entertainment? 

Is it a damnation of our own lifestyles or is it a tonic to remedy the lives of the JAM's to escape the misery of their existences? Is the sacrifice of quality entertainment and news the price for austerity, a failing NHS with little mental health or social care? 

What do we want from our broadcasters? What should we demand from our BBC? Now then now then? Can you tell what it is yet? 

If entertainment is art, and if art is not a mirror of reality but a hammer with which to shape it (Bertolt Brecht) then what does the current state of affairs say about some aspects of our art?

Is it necessary or is it an accessory to a crime? Is Mark Zuckerberg right when he told the BBC’s Kamal Ahmed that fake news, polarised views and "filter bubbles" were damaging "common understanding"


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