The Value of Architecture, Literature, Art, Culture, and Scripture
T he prophet Mohammad (PBUH) nor his companions never destroyed the ancient temple at Palmyra so why should the so called IS? They existed throughout the time of all the Prophets, all 124,000 of them and they never saw fit to destroy them. If they didn't, how dare they who dare to call themselves "Islamic State.”

The above says it all really. Ruins are there for us to marvel at, to learn from and they decorate the landscape of our world like markers in a timeline of our collective evolution. Those that think they have the right to destroy that which has been there for thousands of years should consider the educational value of ancient architecture, culture as well as scripture. It helps us place ourselves in the greater scheme of things.

Not even the under the Ottoman Empire which existed for 600 years; destroyed that which came before them; they took it as an opportunity for education and confirmation. Another interesting point of fact is that Yazidis, Christians, Jews, Kurds, all lived in the Middle East under the Ottomans reign as well as Sunnis and Shias without the mass havoc, bloodshed and carnage that IS is wreaking over a civilian population.

Brutality for brutality's sake highlights their origins; former Bathist party and military officials ousted from power and bent on destruction in Iraq, Syria and wherever they can spread fear and destabilisation by any means necessary, using religion as a rallying call to divide and rule for their own ends.

The vulnerable, impressionable, discontented, conflicted, maladjusted among us are the tools they use to execute their political ambition through terrorism. The suffering they are causing is being added to their individual accounts. Those that think in their misguided and deluded minds that they are on the fast track to paradise via this route they have chosen (or might choose) should be aware of one principle; Ignorance is no defence.

The purpose of humanity in Islamic teaching is to acquire knowledge, live in peace, honour and respect family and neighbours. To go about life in a peaceful manner, is pretty much what every religion champion not just those of the Abrahamic root.

An interesting statement from a person when asked by Jehovah's witnesses many years ago what religion they followed; once informed they went on to add; "we're all heading to Trafalgar Square, some of us go by bus, some by tube, some drive, some walk"

The destination is the same, some get there faster than others but ultimately we all reach that point. It's an important part in Islamic teachings to note that one should fact check and not blindly follow that which you're told. If you lack the knowledge please do not come to a conclusion that although you might think is a correct path you may be heading for an eternity of regret with the benefit of hindsight.

It's the young, the gullible, the troubled, the conflicted, the unwell, unstable and ignorant that rally to the calls of the insane. No right minded individual could possibly see that which is happening at the hands of IS, is anything but an Islamic utopia in the making.


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