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M atthew Handley and Ian Willson of share their journey of becoming business owners in IT services

Matthew started in IT progressing from role to role, beginning with smaller businesses progressing in roles and responsibilities working his way up and into State Street Bank when he met Ian where they worked on the server side of State Street Bank, which is where Ian and he looked after the servers for the entire EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa) It was very high end support for traders with large amounts of money and data transfers in a high technology environment.

"We were you could say lucky to experience a vast array of technologies and very good tech as well in such a short space of time"

It was whilst working at State Street Bank that Matthew and Ian began to discuss and explore the possibilities of setting up their own IT services company. It had been identified quite early that both were quite keen to set up and branch out on their own, and it was something that they both had realised that it was another thing that they had in common.

"It is fair to say that traders cannot have a second down, it's a precondition to have fault tolerances of the systems and technology to maintain framework integrity for the efficient operation of the business"

Matthew began working on his own first by contracting out his professional services to Individuals, SMEs and startups, and as soon as Ian could he joined. The first few years it was a solo operation, then 3 years ago was when Ian joined they set up the more structured business that is now known as .

The last three years have been a really exciting time for them and they have almost doubled turnover year on year, which for a small company is an excellent growth rate. The journey from just a one man operation to a two man team, then becoming a company and now employers in their own right is a testament to their professionalism, hard work and dedication. It has demonstrated to their clients that they are focussed on their aims and objectives whilst delivering a consistent business framework supporting other business with their IT service needs.

Their specialism has been focussing on SMEs which includes sole traders to up to and including 50 users. The organisations we target do not have an in-house IT department or any technical support aside from the typical end user support you get with software and hardware warranties. But was is a business to do when the warranties expire? How d they protect against catastrophic failure? Data loss is a huge risk of a business failing if they do not protect against such things. Not all businesses can afford to have their own in house IT solutions as it may not even be necessary to have it except for backing up and protecting hardware and software which is where can help.

All the IT support that a business needs at an affordable rate with safety and security paramount, backed with high end experience in Matt and Ian's FinTech knowledge and experience for a fraction of the cost is why they're experiencing an almost doubling of their turnover year on year in the last three years.

IT Support

They have segmented their offering into Anytime Support, Pre-Pay Support and Pay As You Go Support. Making it easier for clients to choose how they receive services.

They also offer a try before you buy service with a half day of free IT support, so they offer you a chance to get to know just how well they deliver their service.


Their range of products is split into Hardware, Software and Online Products a full list of their partners is available on their website

Office Relocation

Lots of businesses need to move from time to time, in order to grow and may need help with moving tech in a safe and secure manner; Pink Chalk provide a service to help with your needs.

IT Disposal

Upgrading tech often leaves businesses with tech that needs to be wiped and disposed of in a manner that may require their assistance. They provide a certified service for IT Disposal and Recycling to suit a small businesses needs.

Our Opinion

We are happy to have met Matthew and Ian because based on our experience, it can be a worrying proposition for an Office Manager or an owner of a small business to make an informed decision without a certain amount of concern as to whether they are getting value for money. What do is build relationships with their clients and they have a professional sincere approach to helping their clients run and maintain business continuity.

Being an SME themselves they value the importance of building a personal service to clients when we know that at some point we all have grown frustrated by call centre tech support services that walk you through an issue, spending endless frustrating hours troubleshooting only to be no farther than you were at the beginning of the day.

We are happy to say that Pink Chalk are our preferred IT Solutions Provider for SMEs. We aim to make our stamp of approval a marque that you can trust.


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