Post Brexit Britain: A Dystopian Nightmare?
U pon hearing the result of the EU referendum in the early hours of Friday morning we have witnessed the beginning of the aftermath and the disaffection of the remain campaign we have tried to comprehend and understand the picture as we see it.

It is clear that yet again the political classes failed to read the mood of the voting public. 

There have been decades of disconnect building up to this day. There are many that hark back to a time when in their minds eye it was a happier time; why?

There was a time where in London there were pockets of communities that lived in their manor that were fiercely tribal. That still exists today amongst a particular demographic of the population today but there is a slight difference.

In the decade when the UK voted to join the EU, the cost of living was lower, the availability and choice was minuscule when compared with today. The vast majority of the population were ordinary working class the middle class were reasonably well to do and the elite were where they are today.  

The only constant doing this entire time of huge change has been HM Queen Elizabeth II.  The establishment has rallied round to protect its own and continues to do so today it is felt. The EEC as it was known then was a free trade area, which was welcomed with open arms by the masses.  To this end the EEC and subsequently the EU has largely succeeded. But in the 40 years of joining its cumbersome nature and the bureaucracy has struggled to keep up with the changes in society, in culture and what is acceptable and or even tolerable.

In the 1970’s police corruption was rife, the troubles in Northern Ireland was wreaking havoc on the mainland as well as on the emerald isle.  Child sex abuse was (it is argued) covered up. The security services used sexual indiscretion of any kind as leverage. To add some kind of perspective post Gay Pride Parade in London last weekend homosexuality had only been legalised 8 years earlier.  So the credit crunch to today is the equivalent timeline.  How many of the population remember life before the credit crunch?

The younger population have voted en masse to remain because its all they have known. Their lives have been sheltered from the worst of austerity these past with years because cheap flights and social media is the tool that is used to dilute their engagement of the reality. The advent of various forms of realty tv brings the world of celebrity and riches tantalisingly closer.  Its a mirage that the naive hold on to. This escapism, denial and collective amnesia has brought us to where we are today. For those of us that have benefitted from this are understandably upset.  The rug has been pulled from under our feet.

The purpose of democracy and government is to look after the people by whom they are elected.  The referendum demonstrates that for the majority of those that voted; 17 million plus British Citizens have said on this question in the referendum a resounding NO.  So what does that tell us; that the very function for which democracy is principally founded to protect and serve its citizens,

People will understandably blame it on the racist white working class, beer swilling, tattooed chavs of this nation. To those that espouse this bile or allude to it are the very racists that they allege are the Brexit voters. Just because the majority of whom voted Brexit are white, working class, from outside London and therefore in some areas of media and light entertainment allege are ignorant rednecks who have no view other than a monochrome vision of Britain in an age that is smoke tinted that is victorian and racist is worse than those you claim are the Brexit Voters or at least a significant portion.  The others are regarded as xenophobic or too old and have no understanding of the truth according to the Remain campaign (or elements within)

The overriding facts for ehe result could be as follows: 

The political class failed its people

The campaign failed due to lie and counter lie

The climate of fear has been used as a tool to subjugate

They failed to listen to their concerns

They failed to help their communities 

They let the rich get richer

They let their own get poorer

They let too many migrants in

They were left to fend for themselves

They were left to compete for jobs at home with migrants

They have had to see their wages depressed

They lined their pockets (expenses scandal)

They let their young down and homes unaffordable

Social mobility down

Health & Economic wellbeing down

Community cohesion down

Youth services down

Corporation tax down

Salaries down

NHS fears up

Immigration up

Bills up

Tax up

Big Business Profits up 

Debt burden up

Bail outs up

Anxiety levels up

Presented with this litany of failure is it not obvious that this would present itself sooner or later?

Again its argued that for those on the losing side of this fissure thats opened up in the UK. It is the fault of the establishment; those enjoying the fruits and lifestyle that is attainable in reality TV. Which is the greatest tragedy worthy of a shakespearean play.  The disconnect of the haves or the lack of social justices for over three decades that brought this nation to where it is today?

In a democracy, the will of the people is sacred, the majority have voted, to quibble over who lied about what in the campaign is moot.  This vote was more about the EU, but the EU paid the price for it because although Immigration is just a part of it, it is a fairly significant part of it.  The true face of the EU will now be seen and will unite us in our disgust of this undemocratic cartel that is racially biased in itself.  The absence of peoples of colour in the corridors of power in Brussels and Strasbourg is a fact.

Just because the majority of our population voted out of the EU and happen to be white British and working class, this is because the majority fall into that demographic, which is being pounced upon by those on the losing side.  No more sour grapes and begin to rebuild this nation as it always should have been, built for its people and then we can change the world in which we can operate freely in a positive manner as we have done for centuries only this time our democratic values, freedoms, equality and diversity will be the proof of our true and most valuable asset. Our wonderful people, warts and all.

The businesses and lifestyles of the people of Britain should come first. This is not xenophobic; this is a position of clarity and honesty.  In a nation with an economy the size that it is today yet still in its capital city people are having to goto food banks is criminal and the responsibility lies with us as a nation because we have allowed our elected to continue to allow this to happen.

Europeans are welcome in London and the UK as are  those from Africa, Americas, Asia, Antipodes, & Caribbean’ be they Christian, Muslim, Jew, Sikh, Bhuddist & Hindu, All other faiths are welcome too, just as are LGBT. Nothing has changed with the people of Britain. What has changed is that the people of Britain have voted for change.  That change includes the right to self determination and accountability by those that look after the instruments of state.

Democracy has won. Its time to come together and show the world without prejudice just how great & just a society & people we are.


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