Post Brexit Britain: What Could SMEs Do Next?
O ver one week in and lots has happened; its still not set out clearly where we go from here; what is the next the next step for small businesses?

Where do we go from here?

For some it may be too soon to know; for others they may not know at all; for many they think that In or Out it has no direct bearing on them or their business although evidence might suggest the contrary.

The FTSE although had dipped immediately after the referendum result and globally to the tune of £2 trillion, but the FTSE has since gone on to have the best week since 2012.

Currency fluctuations, stock market turbulence is part of the nature of business; the soothsayers that predicted doom and gloom have not been proven right.  They say business needs stability but then the FX traders and futures markets would agree to differ.

We are not here to tell you about the big picture; there are far larger and more resourced organisations out there that can do that; what we are here to do is forge a path for the SME the start up, the entrepreneurs, with minimal resources, being tight budgets, time and skills base to draw from.

There are few among us that think that the result is going to be reversed, which overturns the whole principle of democracy, its unlikely, and in the meantime what do we do? We still need to earn, we still need to carry on, we still need to look to the future and chart a course; we cannot just sit back and wait.

We need to pool our resources, we need to collaborate more, we need to share costs and strategic objectives, we need to find new customers and keep existing customers; we need to drive up productivity and increase profitability in a sustainable manner.

We are planning to hold an event in the coming weeks to allow SMEs Startups, entrepreneurs & jobseekers to come together to network and be profiled on our platform too.  In the first instance it will be a few words from our team about what we do and how we can do it; there will then be a q&a for you to ask more specific questions for your business, we will then have a networking opportunity to meet other attendees and there will be some music and entertainment to lighten the mood.

We are presented with a choice; we either sit around and do nothing or we take steps to combat the uncertainty by creating our own certainty which is to do what we have always been as SMEs, start ups and entrepreneurs; which is to be the driving force of prosperity and opportunity for the majority of our population.

Since being labelled a nation of shopkeepers by Napoleon nothing has fundamentally changed in that construct its just the method to  market may have. Many of us have suffered as a result of the last 8 years which wasn't our doing; its the Dunkirk spirit we have to find to get us out of the situation within which we find ourselves.  

The knives are out for us in Brussels; lets hope our leadership can sort themselves out, but in the meantime we should also look to sort ourselves out too. If you're interested in coming to our event/s we have planned please email us  

The ripples of what we do now will last and have far reaching effects. Lets work to make them positive together.


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