President Trump: Victory from the Jaws of Defeat!
W inning isn't easy, what can we learn? The morning after the night before for many across the world was a rude awakening from the suspense and of disbelief. The new reality of Billionaire President Trump, leader of the free world!

How did he do it? How did he manage to turn the tide in his favour? What made him, what drove him? In a vacuum of a political system that has failed to represent its electorate it shouldn't come as a complete surprise should it?

The free world leadership has a lot to answer for; the disproportionate distribution of wealth, where the rich get richer and the poor have continued to struggle to make ends meet?  Is that the reason why? Is this a fact of the free world as it is today?

Is the failure of the political classes across the spectrum, left, centre or right, the reason why Britain voted Brexit? Weren't the signs when Jeremy Corbyn was elected by grass roots members; a rank outsider even within its Parliamentary Labour Party (PLP)? The rise of the far right in Europe, feeding an underlying resentment?  Yanis Varoufakis being elected by the Greek people negotiate with European Commissioners, and being forced to accept a bail out that has hamstrung Greece for decades to come?

Is it accurate to state that the lack of leadership has affected the entire free world?  Is it a case of summits to discuss the agenda for the next summit regarding a strategy for growth or to combat drugs, a war on terror that was not a war but a conflict without end, due to a rudderless ship in a riptide of despair? Has this has given rise to an emboldened Russian Federation in a political vacuum?

Has 2016 been an exercise of wait and see? Is it accurate to state that nothing of any consequence has been done owing to Europe looking to the USA for a way forward? Is  it apparent that Europe has no plan for the way forward?  Are its issues too big for it to handle alone? Does it  not have a leader that can chart the way forward?  There are elections looming in Germany and France in 2017, can we expect little to happen because of it?  Is Vladimir Putin the only leader on the continent that has stability of tenure in office, but lacking the finances to pay for the cost of the work ahead?

The political classes were in charge when the credit crunch hit, on the eve of the 9th year, wasn't a change fundamental inevitable?  Weren't predictions, polls, consultants and commentators reliant upon on one thing, the truth from an electorate that did not want to publicly express their distain for the status quo?

Did Trump win because he said what many wanted to say? Did he express what many have felt for manny years? Are the political classes are out for themselves and the status quo was fine for them? Is it a case of meetings to discuss meetings, adjourned for debate with national executives, returning to the meetings to table amendments to be adjourned again until a treaty can be agreed and signed off? Meanwhile growth and prosperity continues elsewhere?


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