Responsible PR: Business Imperative Not to be Underestimated?
L ike everything in business and life there is good and bad in everything but in business bad PR or business practices will effect the bottom line.

PR companies are a dime a dozen, they project a particular air and conduct and you can spot a PR person or led campaign from a mile off if you know what you're looking for, but do you know what it is ?

We know now that personalised email is not really personalised. It’s the digital equivalent of junk mail through your from door. The methodology hasn't changed it’s the method of delivery.

When considering a PR strategy, partner or supplier, ask yourself the fundamental question. What do you want to achieve? What message do you want to convey? Do you want to be part of a huge corporate machine or do you want a real personalised service, that is valuable and can service your needs in a professional and bespoke fashion? Do they understand you? Do they understand your needs? Can they communicate it in a manner that fits your needs? Can they do a better job than you? Will they fleece you for the service? Do they have the policies and procedures in place in the event of a bad event or outcome?

A perfect example of bad PR in recent times is a travel and how they dealt with the family that lost their children. It’s a tragic situation that no one wants to ever have to experience. It’s a situation that many businesses need to consider. What to do in the event of occurring (a) how to attend to the needs of the injured parties (b) how not to look like you're making money from a disaster (c) how not to look like you're shirking your responsibility (d) is your primary responsibility duty of care (e) how not to communicate without adequate consideration, or lack of communication to injured parties (f) do you have a programme of ongoing communication, dialogue, and assistance in the aftermath of an event.

Professional, effective sympathetic consideration is a must and should be the starting point when you consider PR representation. We all remember the days when the sun shined and all was good. Everyone was happy; but when it rained, it rained hard.

What should we note from that? Its always great when things are great. The business you want to have on your side is when times are bad. How do they manage your situation? How do they communicate your message? Is it sympathetic? Is it above all, personal and not corporate machinery going through the motions.


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