Silk Road to Information Superhighway:
H ow do we Forge a New Future Post Brexit? Here's How…

Global Risks have been a constant issue to deal with throughout the ages; what we do next is going to define the future for us all. If we look back a century ago at the height of the war to end all wars, could our forbears have imagined the world today? We have an advantage over them because technology of today can help us define the future; but back then there wasn't even antibiotics, the suffragettes were campaigning for the women's vote here in the UK but also helping with the war effort and entering the factories previously the domain of the menfolk. It's a different world for women in the west today. That being said there is still lots to be done and the work can be achieved more rapidly now it's just a question of  How we might come to manage the challenges of these dynamic economic times? 

The headline when applied to the reality now and how the advanced economies adapt to the global shift that has ebbed and flowed for centuries.  What we do think is that growth based on damaging levels of indebtedness has ended; at least in this generation. 

So what does the new horizon look like?

That depends on what is used as a catalyst for growth; what is certain in our opinion is that global growth based upon fossil fuels is over; why? 

There is an oversupply of oil and gas across the world depressing prices.

Climate change requires a global solution to a global threat.

Population growth will place demands on resources but is unsustainable unless alternatives are used.

An ageing population in the advanced economies which drove the previous methodology.

Technological advances that enable smart resource management & trade are a reality.

Technologies that increase productivity on a reduced power output will drive a new world and dynamic economic landscape. It could be said that this is an oversimplification of a complex and changing problem. Our approach is to break it down into the simplest parts and construct a model that addresses the issues in a sustainable manner that factors in the issues that are presently affecting the world. 

To drive growth solely on fossil fuels is to invite natural disaster followed by economic turmoil and a breakdown in social cohesion. 

To manage resources and funnel growth through renewables is an answer to the complexities of sustainable economic development.

To manage population trends through manageable migration, knowledge transfer & increase trade in renewables will facilitate population growth and smart resource management.

The aforementioned are the keystones that will build a sustainable future that does not require trade barriers and could be regarded as a more egalitarian and equitable distribution of risk and sustainable consistent growth driven by technology and sustainability.

How we can enable trade and prosperity without mass migration is not the challenge because the Silk Road of old was a physical road. What humanity has today is the information superhighway that the entire world population will come to traverse in the decades to come; how we facilitate that will determine the future we all crave from Alaska to Zanzibar. What we all crave is the basic right to peace, prosperity, and self determination along with education, opportunity, health and wellbeing

What we as a nation do on Thursday is a stepping stone to a brighter, safer, happier, future for the world and its down to this unique, beautiful, great nation and its people who have led the world for centuries; that is loved and envied for our past, present and future; to continue that historically positive trend and lead the world in driving change for the better of humanity. 

As an epitaph to a human being as wonderful as the late Ms Jo Cox MP who was the champion and voice of the voiceless, who may have been small in stature but was a giant for humanity, equality, diversity and human rights regardless of geography; so cruelly robbed from her family and also our nation; we entrust our futures to the Great British People to decide the future direction of the nation and by default therefore the world. 

We do not fear change we affect change, our change has world changing effects. The list of world changing innovation is endless and continues to grow which difficult to argue against. Without our nations contribution to positive progressive change the world would be a poorer place for it.  If we think and act for the future and not just for ourselves and we are certain that right minded pragmatism will win the day. In a democratic civilisation our leaders will act accordingly on the instruction the British people decide. This decision will have long and far reaching effects, it's a turning point in global geopolitical and socioeconomic development and through our commonwealth we will enable the development and prosperity of a greater proportion of humanity than we can currently do given the foibles of an outdated bureaucratic system that is the EU.


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