What is Smart Consumerism?
A usterity, more cuts, bank bail outs, expenses scandals, tax exiles, a looming NHS crisis, large corporates not paying corporation tax, we're all in it together are we not? This may sound like a political Hail Mary at the establishment but is anything in the afore mentioned not a statement of fact?

TTIP has largely failed according to the German finance minister owing to the complexity of the 27 chapters, and we're looking down the barrel of Brexit which according to some is dooming us to economic decline.

What can you the consumer do to counter the effects of our shortfall in tax revenues?  Isn't that the role of our government? What can we do in this game of cat and mouse when we are either the cat or the mouse but the cheese? 

If nothing else we can choose where to buy, what to buy and when to buy. If a large conglomerate is not paying their fair share of tax then don't buy their products, if an airlines proprietor is a tax exile then fly with his competitor, if a store owner has allegedly regarded as the ugly face if capitalism, then buy your clothes from a small independent, if a fashion brand is not buying ethically or using sweat shops where the factory collapses buy from an ethical fashion brand, if a website that sells everything but pays nothing in tax on its profits buy from a smaller independent online store. If you want the tax receipts to go up it’s the smart consumer that will spend with a clear purpose. Fair Trade bananas, ethical coffee, fast moving consumer goods, (FMCG) when needed can be bought from a retailer that will generate not only a job but a tax on its profits to our treasury. 

Are these marginal gains going to affect our economic prosperity?  We all can't be the initiators or innovators but Brexit is not a responsibility of our leaders its it not a responsibility of us all to buy products and services that as consumers en mass we can ensure that our exchequer is getting money back in corporation tax?  The future is smart consumerism not a flight of fancy, it's a reality of the situation.

The campaign for our identity and how we see the future is not just in the hands of our leaders, our identities are as diverse and civic minded as we see fit, it's not raising the drawbridge and keep everyone out, it's about targeting our collective resources as consumers and rewarding our custom to those organisations that support our exchequer; because it's our exchequer and our taxes that pay for the roads, hospitals, schools, new homes, and investment incentives for the individual when our savings and earnings have stagnated for 8 years.

The small business is the lifeblood of our high streets, shouldn't we buy local for locals wherever possible?  We have craft beers a plenty because the homogenised big brands are not satisfying a sophisticated consumer palette? If a consumer has four drinks, of which one was from a micro brewery a quarter of all the sales of that night would goto local small businesses.

This is not a political axe we grind it's an appeal to you to consider how we can support your small businesses that in turn give us the most vibrant economy in the EU. We do not advocate mass boycotts on an unsustainable ideology. What we suggest is nothing more than a little consideration for buying from a small business for the good of the business concerned and to improve our tax receipts. 

Is convenience the only reason for our buying decisions? We think not, there are many that already buy locally on the odd occasion but if we were to collectively do that once or twice a week wouldn't it help? 

This isn't a fact based article founded on statistics or an economic principle that is a Keynesian or Smith mantra, but it's a methodology that is gaining greater traction particularly in these times.  It's about balance, if we don't have a balanced diet the extremes are obesity or anorexia. Competition on a local level achieves a healthier high street ecosystems.


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