How To Make Money in Sustainable Business?
A n exploratory conversation or rationalisation then realisation that the future of the planet rests with sustainable commercial activity, we aim to point you in the right direction and this is where we start.

There is little to debate that in order for humanity to survive, society has to adopt a more sustainable way of harvesting resources. Its doubtful that you'll find a sensible argument to counter that assertion.

So the question is how to make a viable business out of it? There are businesses out there that are making money, that are doing great things, that have fantastic tech, yet why is it hard to get, or seemingly to do so?

The arguments that are ongoing in relation to what is the best strategy, like how do we meet climate change targets? Now that the election has been decided which has overshadowed the business case. Now this is behind us and a new majority government has 5 years to build, the work can be done.

Looking at it purely from one angle is enough for us. We are not going to report on the arguments for a particular strategy, policy or technology; neither are we going to report on the arguments against. There are far more informed bodies, out there that will baffle us with science, social needs, statistics and passion.

What will you find here?

You will find how to make money, who to buy from, what to buy, who you could potentially sell to, and how much can you make, save, and ultimately earn in a clean tech business. The first reason a business is in business is to make money, if entrepreneurs, start-ups, SME's see a pound note, euro or dollar to be had then it's a no brainer to take advantage of it.

This section is going to highlight the business opportunities in clean tech, whom is doing what, how they do it and how to get into it. Occasionally there will be pieces that support a rationale, but motivated by and for creating opportunities to make money.

How do we begin? If I want to have a clean tech business first of all, who do I talk to? What is out there? How easy is it to get started? What help is available?

We are going shopping for tech, for information, for resources, for business and to see how we fair along the way, the arguments will be noted but if there's money to be made, we're going to find out. WE invite you to join us, to share with us, to help bring clean tech as a mainstream business pathway.


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