Entrepreneurial Women’s Network
S vietlana Lavrentidi is an entrepreneur in her own right who is the founder of the Entrepreneurial Women's Network, here is her story

Svietlana Lavrentidi runs Europe's largest women's only networking meet up from home in South London. She is an intelligent passionate and driven individual who cuts a striking figure. Why? Because she's on a mission; a mission to as she puts it: 'Change the World.' Having heard what she has to say, we wouldn't put it past her to achieve something great.

  • The founder of “Entrepreneurial Women's Network” (the largest female meetup in Europe)
  • Helping entrepreneurs to communicate effectively and build strong relationships for business as well as personal life.
  • Empowering Women to take over the World

Social networks have changed the world, created opportunities still not fully understood as it is evolving as we speak. This meet up group began on 29 July 2013 and has grown to 1700+ members. It is set to grow further.

What does she do? She speaks, she empowers, she mentors, she develops, and she networks. Holding between two to three meet ups per month she has a lot to share, she is credible, and she has built a community around her that likes what she has to say.

It's remarkable to find out just how driven she is about her group and the message she conveys. It's really very impressive. We dare to say that there are many women that could benefit from what she has to say, 1700 members and counting obviously like what she does say.

Networking is an acquired skill; it's not something that everyone can take to without a little help with confidence building and ongoing support. It's a fact that business is a male dominated world; it's a pleasure to find this group that works to support women to achieve their aims and ambitions.

One of the meet ups she holds is called 'Mastermind' where an intimate group of women come together, brainstorm and share ideas. It's a great way to start out if you aren't comfortable with speaking in large groups.

She has reassuring air of confidence and knowledge of what she is trying to do without trying to give you the hard sell. She is currently working on developing online courses to help women along the way and we think it has global potential.

There are many women all over the world that could benefit from what she has to say, how she says it, with intuitive empathy and a driven determination to empower women.


I used to hate going to networking event, but after having a coaching session with Svietlana, my perception about networking change completely. I have now a positive mindset about networking that I now enjoy going to networking event with confidence. — Marietta de Vera, Transformational Coach
Svietlana was one of our 2014 Speakers at International Women of Power Business Show and she delivered a straight to point, interactive ways of networking to success. A very learned speaker that I can not but recommend for any business event. — Vanessa Bola Oluwole-Davies (MIOEE), Host/Founder/CEO- LvLv Events Ltd organiser of iWOP Biz Show & Promotion, Spotlight TV Show & Co-Founder/CEO NEA- UK
It was so lovely to see women empowering each other with their business ideas and greeting each other with a sense of togetherness. I did enjoy meeting up with like minded people that wanted to share their business knowledge and wisdom. — Angela
Glad to be onboard and absolutely look forward to attending many more other 'Entrepreneurial Women’s Network Events'. Congratulations Svietlana on your success. — Waynett Peters
It was lovely meeting so many like minded women in business, who share passion for life & work from the heart. I look forward to future events. — Asha
It's a great network to connect with lots of inspiring women with some fantastic speakers who are all relevant to helping you move forward in business whether you are just 'having' an idea or wanting to leverage and grow an existing business. Highly recommend — Kylie
Great event! A must for all entrepreneurial women. Thank you, Svietlana and your team for creating this network and for last night event. xx > — Angela Belotti
The atmosphere was electric, great conversations, business connections and new friends made! What more could you want! Thank You to the team who put it together! A great night! — Holly Mitchell
Great effort and well done Svietlana! It was fantastic meeting all of the lovely ladies present there and I am looking forward to the next event. — Vesna
Was great meeting those that I was able to talk to-anyone that I didn't manage to speak to I hope I can meet you at the next event. Thank you once again Svietlana for arranging it! Was amazing to meet a group of inspirational wome. — Grace Markham
I find even the idea of this group incredibly exciting. It is really unpleasant to still come across reports on how behind women are in terms of pay at the workplace and opportunities in business, compared to men- and even at this very well- developed part of the world. We've got to close this gap and while doing that we need to collaborate, encourage one another, and share our enthusiasm & inspirations. — Özlem Imil


W: www.entrepreneurialwomensnetwork.com

F: facebook.com/EntrepreneurialWomensNetwork and facebook.com/LavrentidiSvietlana


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