Tax Avoiding Co: Time for UK Business and Consumers to Boycott?
I t's acknowledged that we live in an age of austerity; it's acknowledged that the gap between the rich and the poor has increased during this time. It's acknowledged that profits of the giants have risen during this time, it's acknowledged that the cost of living has risen (in London in particular). It's acknowledged that to make ends meet for the SMEs startups and entrepreneurs to get ahead it is tougher now than it has arguably ever been.

What can be done about it?

Well, we as consumers can vote with our feet couldn't we? Instead of buying in a chain buy in an independent store, be it for goods or services. We know the corporation tax burden has eased, we know that it's easier for the big players to negotiate preferential Tax deals that enable them to pay less than their actual burden were they not employing tax avoidance mechanisms to do so.

If that's the case, if we were to buy elsewhere wouldn't their bottom line be affected? It would, so why don't we choose to buy an alternative; is it because there may not be a credible alternative? If that's the case does that make the supplier of any particular goods or services a monopoly? Aren't monopolies illegal? Are not monopolies anticompetitive and don't they stifle competition?

Are we as consumers just as much to blame for buying from the tax avoiding giants? Or is it just a case of buying the best and or most convenient product or service? Isn't it a testament to the giants product or service that we buy because its the best on the market; should they be penalised for providing the best product or service on the market?

We do not advocate the penalisation of success, we advocate a fair playing field for all that operate in the UK. It is not enough to bring jobs and pay National Insurance, its imperative that those companies pay towards the infrastructure and its ongoing upkeep because its their employees and them as a company that benefits from the ease of transport, infrastructure, healthcare and roads too. Are they more profitable in a nation where there isn't such infrastructure?

Isn't it time for government and parliament to take a stand to rectify this anomaly? The excuse of bringing jobs and wealth is moot and would only apply if there were not others that would soon fill the void if they were not operating here.


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