Croydon: Already Set To Become A Borough of Distinction
T hinking of Moving Home, Starting Up, Relocating or Expanding Your Business? The Croydon Promise Sets Out the 10 Priorities for the Next Five Years!

If you hadn't heard already, over £9 billion is to be invested in Croydon over the next 5 years; its been said its the largest investment programme than any city in England, one of the largest in London and compares to the Olympic Park in Stratford in scale.

The Council has highlighted 10 priorities to achieve by 2020:

9500 housing starts of mixed ranges for various life stages.

Enable the creation of 16,000 jobs to included creative, digital, information technology. financial and professional services, as well as construction, retail, leisure, education, health and social care.

  • Ensure the oversight of Europe's largest urban shopping and leisure centres with Westfield.
  • Attract inward investment to the district and local centres, by creating great live work communities across the borough of Croydon
  • To enable the creation of 2000 new business start ups per annum along with supporting existing SMEs.
  • Develop over 1 million square feet of high quality office space, simultaneously reduce the excess supply of older office stock and deliver a high quality Tech Hub.
  • Partner with an international calibre university offering Higher Education in the borough increasing the number of residents with degree level qualifications
  • Improve the transport network across the borough with alternatives to the private car and strengthen the link to Gatwick Airport
  • Support residents into employment by implementing a pathways to employment programme
  • Buy local wherever possible by using the councils purchasing power to support local businesses, generating job opportunities, promote investment in local communities

Their Ambition:

Growth for All in a vibrant and diverse borough where people are proud to live and entrepreneurs are proud to invest, to make it a destination to visit, where its affordable to rent or buy…

By 2020 the economy will be growing rapidly, new housing will be developed and a faster rate than currently, with a town centre offering exciting shopping and leisure experience in London and the South East, where the district and local centres will be neighbourhoods of choice and it will become the primary commercial centre in South London. In addition to this they aim to be one of Londons most enterprising boroughs, where travelling in the borough will be easier to achieve along with being a hub for learning. It will be a city within a city!

Today East Croydon is:

  • #3 busiest interchange on the national rail network;
  • 16 mins from London bridge with 13 trains per hour
  • 16 mins from London Victoria with 11 trains per hour
  • 14 mins from Gatwick Airport with 11 trains per hour
  • 260,000 passengers a day
  • West Croydon Overground links direct to Canary Wharf and Shoreditch Tech City
  • It has the only tram network in London with the highest satisfaction survey of an TFL service
  • Thameslink connects Croydon to European networks through St Pancras and its extension will connect Croydon with a further 100 stations allowing greater commuter reach and business opportunities.
  • Croydon is London's largest borough by population with 363,400 people living there
  • Over 100 languages spoken
  • 25,300 Croydon residents registered as self employed
  • 1.1 million economically active people living within 30 mins of East Croydon
  • Fifth largest financial services cluster in London with over 4000 people employed
  • 1000 digital creative and software businesses
  • 185 tech businesses
  • 1384 employees in the centre with a further 830 tech companies operating in the wider borough.
  • Croydon is London's greenest borough with 1/3 rd green or open land
  • Home to a premier league football club Crystal Palace
  • 15 Golf courses within five miles
  • over 300 parks, woods, nature reserves, copses and meadows
  • 737 hectares of woodland making up 8% of the borough
  • Home to the internationally renowned BRIT School where Katy B, Jesse J and Leona Lewis among others attended
  • More Shops than anywhere else in London with the exception of the West End. Also has a large out of town shopping area at Purley Way.
  • Retail is the second largest sector with over 15000 jobs

When the statistics are collated as they are above, Croydon as a borough in London is not something that can be underestimated given recent history.

It has the scope, it has the depth, it has the breadth, it has the space, it has the links, most of all it has the vision to become an even more vibrant, diverse borough with opportunities for high quality living, working and business of all types.


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