The Value of a Vote: More Than Just a Democratic Right
L ooking at the value of a vote and the sacrifices many have made in order for democracy to thrive.

One person one vote; it wasn't so long ago when women gave their lives for the right to vote. It was less than a century ago that black people in the USA were treated abominably. In South Africa, the wonderful Madeba spent 27 years in solitary confinement for the right to vote. Just over 20 years ago the iron curtain kept it's grip on a Society that suffered without democracy and freedoms that we take for granted.

So why don't we honour that by voting in local elections? What's with this voter apathy? If we stop to consider the benefits we all enjoy in a democratic and free society. Our fathers, mothers, grandparents fought tyranny and possible extermination to protect our freedoms and rights, so why do we take so little care or respect what it is that we have? When not so far from these very shores people suffer and die for the rights & protections that we have. Israel, Syria, Libya, Egypt to name but a few!

Come on Britain, isn't it time we showed a little more respect than that to our forefathers and mothers and do our civic duty and use our vote that countless lives paid for in order for us to exercise that right?

When you look at the polling card, don't think about the party politics, don't think about the gerrymandering, instead consider this; even to this day on this planet there are hundreds of millions of people who would gladly swap their lives for ours. We owe it to them, our past, our future, to use that vote and keep the machinery of democracy thriving. Ask yourself this question, what if I didn't have this right then where would I be?


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