Learning to Think like an Entrepreneur: How is it Applied to WhereIts@London?
W hat is an entrepreneur? What makes an entrepreneur different from others? What drives an entrepreneur? What elements create successful entrepreneurs?

An entrepreneur is a person who sees the world in a particular way and then acts on it to change the world around them. What makes an entrepreneur different is that they look to make money from it. There are entrepreneurs in all walks of life but some are encumbered by employment or a contract that precludes them from profiting financially from an innovation.

At the heart of an entrepreneur is dissatisfaction. They're not happy with the status quo. There is something happening in life that gives cause to question. The question could be as simple as why am I unhappy? The unhappiness could be in work in home in a relationship or in a multiple of the former.  What sets the entrepreneur apart from the rest is that they question, then they seek out a solution to resolve the situation. The net result is happier life for themselves and for the world around them.

An entrepreneur is passionate, bloody minded and stubborn enough to continue with their idea even if no one around them sees the entire picture in the way that they might. Others will always have an opinion and try to add their tuppence worth which might cost more.
The successful entrepreneur is the one that will recognise and separate the wheat from the chaff. Who will spot a chancer a mile off, but equally recognises that subpar human resource is far more common than uncommon.  Its a successful entrepreneur who works with what they have and moulds it into that which they want or need.

Game changing propositions do not happen overnight, they do not happen easily, they are not often recognised as such immediately, they creep up and change the game seemingly overnight, but to the entrepreneur/founder it would have been an awfully long and drawn out journey with little or no recognition of the effort, pain, the suffering that has gone into getting it to where it is.
Game changing propositions come few and far between yet the success or failure ultimately rests in bringing the right individuals, with the right mind set, with the right motivation to work together for a profitable and satisfying end. 

WhereIts@London is now looking for individuals from a multiple disciplines to join us and carry on the great work that has yet to come.  If you think you can fulfil a role as a freelancer/contractor that fits within our strategic objectives we would be delighted to hear from you. We are looking for something out of the ordinary, we are looking for talent, enthusiasm, drive and entrepreneurial spirit with outstanding written and communication skills to project WhereIts@London globally moving forward.

If you have what it takes, if you can handle the cut and thrust of a dynamic startup with the adventures and pitfalls of what seems like flying by the seat of your pants, with no safety harness and can handle highs and lows of driving an objective forward as an individual or part of a team then get in touch. email, or connect on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram and introduce yourselves. It can be in written or a video pitch, whichever seems appropriate for you and the role you seek.


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